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Highspeed Morse Telegraphy (HST)

                                  Hochgeschwindigkeits Morsetelegrafie (HST)
                                        Скоростная Pадиотелеграфия (СРТ)

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The famous software "RUFZ-XP" on DL4MM´s website

Highspeed Telegraphy:

Webside of the International Amateur Radio Union

Website of Wilko Hollemans, PA3BWK with infos about many clubs

Short film about the 10th HST World Championships 2012 in Switzerland in german language

Short video by the Swiss Broadcast station SRF3 of the HST World Championships 2012 in Beatenberg. Starring Nikolai Gelyasevich, EU7KQ and Fritz Zwingli, HB9CSA.


The international club of the High Speed Telegraphists founded in 1951

Morse-keys, etc,

Website by HB9EDG, Franco Citriniti. A good friend and member of the HST team Switzerland. A good adress to order QSL-cards or a nice Begali key.


The best Ham-Radio Shop in Switzerland by HB9FZC and HB9NBG

Der Top Fachhändler für Funkamateure von HB9FZC und HB9NBG.

Лучший радио магазин в Швейцарии из HB9FZC и HB9NBG

Morse Telegraphy since 2014 is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Read the story here:

Homepage by HB9CKF, YU9XMC. Eddy is running a fine list of Swiss Radio Amateurs living outside of Switzerland. Tnx Eddy!