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Hochgeschwindigkeits Morsetelegrafie (HST)
Highspeed Morse Telegraphy (HST)
Скоростная радиотелеграфия (СРТ)

links; some use- and helpful links:

links; einige hilfreiche links:

- the famous RUFZ-XP on DL4MM´s webside

- the international club of the High Speed Telegraphist founded in 1951

- website of the International Amateur Radio Union

- website of Wilko Hollemans, PA3BWK with many infos about different clubs

- report about the World Championships 2012 in Switzerland with an interesting video in german language

- short video by the Swiss SRF3 from the World Championships 2012 in Beatenberg with Nikolai Gelyasevich, EU7KQ and Fritz Zwingli, HB9CSA on YouTube

- Morse Telegraphy since 2014 is a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Read the story here:

- homepage by HB9CKF, YU9XMC. Eddy is running a fine list of Swiss Radio Amateurs living outside of Switzerland. Tnx Eddy!