Rest in Peace (R.I.P.)

This side was made in memory of our deceased HST-friends.

Diese Seite dient als Erinnerung an unsere verstorbenen HST-Freunde.

Эта сторона сделана в память о наших умерших HST-друзей.

HB9RE, Fritz Zwingli Senior

Friedrich "Fritz" Zwingli, HB9RE, 1928 - 2009

Fritz was licensed radio-amateur since 1952. In 1991 he was referee at the IARU R1 HST Championships while his son HB9CSA took part as a competitor. All his life was devoted to friendship around the world.





HA3NS, Janos Weis

Janos "Jan" Weisz, HA3NS, 1955 - 2000

Jan was founder of the Hungarian CW Group (HACWG). With his brother Lacy HA3NU he participated at the HST Championships for team Hungary and worked later as a referee for these events. He was an example of good sportsmanship and a good friend to many of the HST family.


HA3OV Antal "Anti" Hudanik

Antal "Anti" Hudanik, HA3OV, 1966 - 2014

Anti was member of the Hungarian CW Group (HACWG). With his friends from Szekszard he participated at the HST Championships and won many medals. Within the Morse Runner category he was twice winner of the IARU HST World Championships and twice winner of the IARU Region 1 Championships.

ON5ME, Oskar Verbanck

Oskar Verbanck, ON5ME, 1941 - 2007

Oscar Verbanck, ON5ME was founder of the Radio Telegraphy Super and Extremely High Speed Clubs (SHSC and EHSC), chairman of the European CW Association for many years. He supported many HST events trough Europe and acted as a jury member in many German Telegraphy Championships.

9A2WJ, "Daki" Milan Drlic

"Daki" Milan Drlic, 9A2WJ, 1947 - 2016

Milan "Daki" Drlic, 9A2WJ was founder of the Croatian 9ACW Group. He was an early member of the Radio Telegraphy Highspeed and Very Highspeed Clubs (HSC and VHSC). Beside many activities he was the Croatian HST working group member of the IARU Region 1  and acted as a jury member in many Telegraphy IARU Championships.

The photo was taken when he operated Z31HST at the 12th IARU World High Speed Telegraphy Championships in Ohrid, Macedonia.


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