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Hot news from HB9DHG

Fulvio HB9DHG and Oliver Z32TO will join the A47RS team and operate from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman with the special contest callsign "A44A" during the CQ-World-Wide-DX CW contest on November 23. and 24. 2019. QSL via A47RS.  http://roars.om/


CW Wochenende 2020

Das CW Wochenende von AGCW und HSC findet nächstes Jahr vom 3. bis 5. April 2020 im Hotel Eisenacher Haus in Erbenhausen statt. Ob der Deutsche Telegrafie Pokal auch wie früher üblich dort ausgetragen wird, ist nicht bestätigt. https://agcw.de/index.php/de/aktuelles/394-terminaenderung-cw-wochenende-2020-in-erbenhausen

German CW weekend 2020

The German CW weekend will be held from April 3rd to 5th 2020. The location is the Berghotel Eisenacher Haus in Erbenhausen. If the German telegraphy trophy (DTP) will take place is not yet confirmed.


Hotel Eisenacher Haus, ErbenhausenPhoto HB9CSA

HSC contest 2020

The next HSC contest will be on February 23, 2020 under new rules. Most important is the change to one period only from 15:00 to 18:00 utc. More infos on this website or on  http://www.highspeedclub.org/

Highspeed telegraphy (HST) in Mongolia

MRSF sponsors and organizes four HST events annually; Ulaanbaatar and Mongolian HST championships, international women’s day HST event and young telegraphist event for beginners.

The Ulaanbaatar HST championships were held on the 25th of May 2019.

Categories: females and males.
Modes: RX, TX, Morse Runner and RUFZ.
Software: HST2006, ZEUS, Morse runner, RufzXP.
The winners of each modes received a medal and a certificate.

The winners of the male category  (TX, RX, Morse Runner, RUFZ):
1st place Chinzorig Enhjargal
2nd place Batchuluun Hurelbaatar
3rd place Battur Purev

The winners of the female category (TX, RX, Morse Runner, RUFZ):
1st place Lhamdulam Lhaasuren
2nd place Tugsjargal Tsogtbaatar
3rd place Uchralbayar Batbayar.
The overall winners of the male and female categories received medals, certificates and prizes.  All teams also received medals, certificates and prizes. A team consisted of one female and two male competitors.
The next Mongolian HST championships will take part on November 30, 2019. Many thanks for the information to Bat-Erdene Zevgee, JT1CS, secretary and award manager of MRSF.  www.mrsf.mn

International Women`s day HST event in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2019

On March 6, 2019 a Mongolian highspeed telegraphy competition for women was held in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Congratulations to all participants and the medal winners listed below. Many thanks Bat-Erdene Zevgee JT1CS for the information and pictures. 

1st place Orlogo Naidansuren, 2nd place Uchralbayar Batbayar, 3rd place Anhtsetseg Tsogzolmaa.


HST women competition Ulaanbaatar 20191st place Orlogo Naidansuren, 2nd place Uchralbayar Batbayar, 3rd place Anhtsetseg Tsogzolmaa.
Mongolian women HST competition 2019The participants of the mongolian women HST competition 2019 in Ulaanbaatar

HSC autumn contest 2019

The autumn contest of the radio telegraphy highspeed club will take part on November 3rd 2019 from 09:00 - 11:00 and 15:00 - 17:00 utc. Lots of activity from HSC members and regular participants of HST competitions are active on all hf bands. The rules are on the website of HSC at:  http://www.highspeedclub.org/
Log submission on:  https://sites.google.com/view/hsc-contest

LZ16HST QSL cards printed

The QSL cards of LZ16HST, the special event station of the 16th IARU HST world championships in Bulgaria are printed and sent to the QSL manager Boyan LZ1BJ. If you need the QSL via bureau you can request it via e-mail. If you prefer direct QSL use PayPal with 2 us-dollars to: LZ1BJ@yahoo.com . But if you don't need QSL so fast, send an e-mail request and he will send the card via LZ QSL Bureau. Many thanks to Nasko LZ1YE for printing of this nice card.   http://www.qslprint.com/


New RufzXP toplist record for women

Teodora Karastoyanova (Getzova) LZ2CWW, set a new female toplist record! She reached 293'877 points with a maximum speed of 943 cpm / 195 wpm. In May 2019 at european highspeed telegraphy championships in Bucharest she already set her official female world record to 286'944 points. If you are interested to hear the sound of 200 wpm have a look on Mathias Kolpe DL4MM's webside:  http://www.rufzxp.net/

Many congratulations! Честито!

Alexandru Coca Pavlic YO8SS silent key

With deep sadness we take note of the dead of our good friend Alexandru Coca Pavlic YO8SS at the age of 65 years on september 29th 2019. Coca was a highspeed world champion, a gentleman and a master of telegraphy. We will miss him but we are happy to have known him.

Heartfelt condolences to his family. Very 73 and rest in peace dear Coca.

YO8SS Alexandru Coca Pavlic

17th IARU HST world championships 2020 in Mongolia

By decision of the IARU hst working group in Albena, the 17th IARU highspeed telegraphy world championships will be organized by MRSF, the Mongolian radio sport federation in the city of Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) Mongolia in August or September 2020. More news you will find on this site or on the homepage of MRSF.
  • Batu-Erdene Zevgee, Mongolia
  • Diploma 60 years Mongolia
  • Mongolia flag

16th IARU HST world championships 2019 in Bulgaria

World championships 2019 team category

World champion - team Belarus

Silver medal - team Russia

Bronce medal - team Romania

16th HST world championships 2019 in Bulgaria

Fantastic new official world record at RufzXP by Stanislav Haurilenko from Belarus with 291´597 points and a speed of 943 codes per minute.

Фантастически новый официальный мировой рекорд на RufzXP Станислава Хауриленко из Беларуси с 291´597 баллами и скоростью 943 кода в минуту.

Fantastischer neuer offizieller Weltrekord in RufzXP von Stanislav Haurilenko aus Weißrussland mit 291'597 Punkten und einer Geschwindigkeit von 943 Zeichen pro Minute.

16th HST world championships 2019 in Bulgaria

The 16th HST IARU world championships opened on Friday 13th in the city of Albena on the bulgarian black sea coast. More than 100 competitors from 19 different countries take part in this event.

Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Denmark, Egypt, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Mongolia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland.

All results can be find on DL4MM´s webside:


Opening ceremony Albena 2019

16th HST world championships 2019 in Bulgaria

The next HST world championships will begin on 13th september. The competition will now be held in the Hotel Kaliopa in Albena on the Black Sea Coast, more Info on their websites.


Следующий чемпионат мира HST начнется 13 сентября. Соревнования теперь будут проходить в отеле Kaliopa в Албене на Черноморском побережье, подробнее на их сайтах.


See you in Bulgaria!

Ще се видим в България! Увидимся в Болгарии!

Bis bald in Bulgarien!

Ne vedem in Bulgaria!

Да хуткай сустрэчы ў Балгарыі!

Ci vediamo presto in Bulgaria

First Slovenian HST championships 2019

The first Slovenian HST competition was held on 17th September 2019 in Nemcavci. It was a  qualifying competition for the 16th World championship in Varna, Bulgaria.
There were three participants: Mirko S51RE, Ray S54X and Gabor S57WJ. The competition was held during a hamfest. It was also a promotion of high speed telegraphy in Slovenia.

From left to right S54X, S57WJ, S51RE

Many thanks Gabor S57WJ for the info.

USKA 90 years celebration


On August 17th the 90 years jubilee of the Swiss amateur radio society USKA was held in the Casino of Zug. Participants were HB9AGA, HB9AJP, HB9BJL, HB9BQI, HB9BQW, HB9CSA, HB9DHG, HB9EDG, HB9HVG and HB9HVW. Many visitors were pleased to meet the Swiss telegrafists and tried to use a morse-key and listen to the RUFZ-XP or Morse runner software. The board of USKA congratulated Fulvio HB9DHG and Fritz HB9CSA with  certificates of honor for their success at the highspeed telegraphy world championships in Astana.     


16th HST world championships 2019 in Bulgaria

The organizers from Bulgaria had to change the location for this event. The competition will now be held in the Hotel Kaliopa in Albena on the Black Sea Coast, about from 13th to 17th September 2019. More Info on their websites.



Die 16. HST Weltmeisterschaften finden nicht wie geplant in Warna statt. Die Weltspiele der Hochgeschwindigkeitstelegrafisten findet im 30 Kilometer von Warna entfernt gelegenen Städtchen Albena am Schwarzen Meer statt. Die Wettbewerbe werden im Hotel Kaliopa durchgeführt, wo ebenfalls die Unterkunft der Teilnahmer organisiert wird. Mehr Informationen findet man auf obengenannten Internetseiten.

Schweizer HST Team am USKA Hamfest 2019

Das 90-jährige Jubiläum der USKA findet am 17. August 2019 im Casino in Zug statt. Mitglieder des Schweizer HST teams werden an einem eigenen Stand  vertreten sein Alle Interessierten und Freunde sind herzlich Willkommen bei uns vorbeitzuschauen, Fragen zu stellen und je nach Platzmöglichkeiten verschiedene Morsetasten und die dazugehörige Software praktisch zu Testen.


Swiss HST team at the USKA hamfest 2019

The 90 years jubilee of the Swiss amateur radio organisation USKA will take part on August 17th 2019 in the Casino of the city of Zug. Members of the HST team Switzerland will be there with a nice information boot by www.highspeedtelegraphy.com Everybody is welcome to visit and try our morse-keys and the contest-software.

L'équipe suisse de HST au USKA Hamfest 2019

Le 90e anniversaire de l'USKA aura lieu le 17 août 2019 au casino de Zoug. Les membres de l’équipe suisse HST seront représentés sur leur propre stand et tous les intéressés et amis sont les bienvenus pour nous rendre visite, pour poser des questions et pour tester différentes clés Morset et le logiciel correspondant en fonction de l’espace disponible.

Squadra svizzera HST all'USKA hamfest 2019

Il 90 ° anniversario dell'USKA si svolgerà il 17 agosto 2019 nel Casinò di Zugo. I membri del team svizzero HST saranno rappresentati presso il proprio stand Tutti gli interessati e gli amici sono invitati a farci visita, a porre domande e a testare diverse chiavi a bussola e il software corrispondente a seconda dello spazio disponibile.

HB9DHG on WRTC2018 special QSL card

Swiss top HST operator Fulvio Galli HB9DHG was jury member at the world radio team championships 2018 in Germany. He can be seen on the special qsl card of team Canada from this excellent event. The results from this event are shown on their web-side:  http://www.wrtc2018.de/en/

International RufzXP top ten on July 8th 2019

(independent of age and gender, with official proof).

Thanks to Matthias Kolpe DL4MM for the info  http://www.rufzxp.net/



score / speed @ home or contest


score / speed @ contest





314139 / 943


288671 / 943





297644 / 943


227811 / 889





287479 / 943


252082 / ?





254746 / 889


199153 / 790





227931 / 838


221500 / 814





211896 / 814


211896 / 814





211349 / 838


211349 / 838





208354 / 790


208354 / 790





201442 / 814


201442 / 814





201398 / 814


201398 / 814




Russian highspeed telegraphy championships 2019

From June 28 to July 2, 2019 the Russian highspeed telegraphy championships took place in the city of Penza. The competition was attended by 70 athletes from ten regions of Russia.

In the team contest of the senior category the first place went to the sports team of the Penza region with 5477.7 points. On the second place was the team of the Sverdlovsk region with 5472.1 points and the third place went to the crew from the Novosibirsk region with 1112.5 poins.

Russian champions are in the category males Evgeny Pashnin (RV9CPV)) and in the category females Anna Sadukova (RA4FVL).

In the team championship of Russia, category juniors, the first place went to team  Moscow region (2570.2 points), the second place to team Kemerovo region (2531.2 points) and the third place to the team of the Penza region (2476.0 points).

Artem Melkin (UB3DPG) from Moscow region, Elena Malysheva (R4F-55) from  Penza region, Tristan Dvalishvili from Krasnodar territory, and Anastasia Grigorieva representing the Altai territory became the winners of the individual competitions in their age groups.

For the best result in the championship of Russia in high-speed radio telegraphy, Artyom Melkin (UB3DPG) was awarded the prize of the president of the union of radio amateurs of Russia (SRR).

Accurate results will be published soon on the "RUSSIAN" part of this website.

*Thanks for the information to Elvira Aryutkina UA4FJ.

В Пензе определились сильнейшие «скоростники» страны

В период с 28 июня по 02 июля на базе Пензенской СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту состоялись чемпионат и первенство России по радиоспорту в спортивной дисциплине «скоростная радиотелеграфия». В соревнованиях приняли участие 70 спортсменов из десяти регионов России.

Анна Садукова RA4FVL и Евгений Пашнин RV9CPV

В Чемпионате России первое командное место у спортивной команды Пензенской области (5477,7), второе — у Свердловской области (5472,1), третье — у Новосибирской области (1112,5).
Чемпионами России стали Евгений Пашнин (RV9CPV)) и Анна Садукова (RA4FVL).

В первенстве России первое командное место у Московской области (2570,2), второе — у Кемеровской области (2531,2), третье — у Пензенской области (2476,0).

Победителями соревнований в личном зачёте в своих возрастных группах стали Артём Мелькин (UB3DPG) из Подмосковья, Елена Малышева (R4F-55) из Пензенской области, Тристан Двалишвили из Краснодарского края, а также Анастасия Григорьева, представлявшая Алтайский край.

За лучший результат в первенстве России по скоростной радиотелеграфии Артём Мелькин (UB3DPG) награждён призом Президента Союза Радиолюбителей России. Точные результаты будут скоро опубликованы в «РУССКОЙ» части этого сайта.

*Спасибо за информацию Эльвире Арюткиной UA4FJ

Russian U-QRQ-C contest 2019

The Russian highspeed telegraphy club (UQRQC) organizes his annual contest on July 20, 2019 from 03:00 to 07:00 UTC. Categories: A – UQRQ-members, multi bands; B – single operator, multi bands;
C – multi-operators, multi bands, single transmitter.Bands: 3,5 MHz, 7 MHz, 14 MHz, 21 MHz , 28 MHz.Mode: only CW.Call: CQ QRQ. Exchange:  RST + serial number + name of the operator. UQRQC members transmit also their membership number.Complete rules:  http://www.uqrqc.com/p/uqrqc-contest-2019.html   

Соревнования UQRQC Россия 2019

Начало: 20 июля 2019 г. в 03:00 UTC Виды модуляции: CW
Завершение: 20 июля 2019 г. в 06:59 UTC, Диапазоны: 80 м, 40 м, 20 м, 15 м, 10 м.

A - члены UQRQC, несколько диапазонов;
B - один оператор, несколько диапазонов;
C - несколько операторов, несколько диапазонов, один передатчик.
Повторные связи засчитываются на разных диапазонах. В любой момент времени станция может излучать только один сигнал.
Диапазоны: 3510-3560, 7010-7040, 14010-14060, 21010-21080, 28010-28080 КГц. Вид работы: CW. Общий вызов: CQ QRQ.



Radiograd 2019 international convention of CW Operators

The International Convention of CW Operators will be held from August 23 to August 26, 2019 in Radiograd. This year a meeting of short wavers who participated in the rescue and recovery work after the 1988 Armenian earthquake will be held as part of the event.

The gathering will be held much like the two previous ones. You can seek out the subject of International gathering of telegraph operators on www.qrz.ru  See what was happening  in the last  two years. Some of the same activities are going to be repeated this year. Others in a slightly modified format and something completely new.


Радиоград 2019 международный слёт телеграфистов


Международный слет телеграфистов U-QRQ-C будет проходить с 23 по 26 августа 2019 в Радиограде, причем в этом году в рамках слета состоится встреча коротковолновиков, участвовавших в спасательных и восстановительных работах после армянского землетрясения 1988 года.

Слет будет проходить в духе двух предыдущих - можно пролистать тему на QRZ.ru "Международный слет телеграфистов" на год и два в прошлое, и посмотреть, что было. Какие-то из мероприятий прошлых лет будут и в этом году, какие-то - в несколько модифицированном виде, какие-то - без изменений, но будет кое-что и совсем новое.

По мере подготовки элементов программы все будет постепенно публиковаться здесь и в топике на сайте QRZ.ru.


Ham radio meeting Friedrichshafen 2019

The "Ham Radio" in Friedrichshafen takes part from 21. to 23. June 2019. It is the largest ham fair in Europe and beside several morse key manufactures you can find many radio clubs and telegraphy organisations.


The stand of the radio telegraphy highspeed club will be in hall A1, stand 499.  http://www.highspeedclub.org/

The Swiss HST member HB9DHG will be at the HB9ON stand in hall A1, stand 598.  https://hb9on.wordpress.com/

The first Morse Runner honor roll participant from Sibiria

Congratulations to Grigoriy R0AIB who is the first Morse Runner honor roll participant from Sibiria with 2921 points

Первым участником Почетного Рулона Морзе из Сибири является Григорий R0AIB с 2921 очками.

Der erste Teilnehmer der Morse Runner Honor Roll aus Sibirien ist Gregory R0AIB mit 2921 Punkten


New HSC president

From May 18th 2019 the new president of the radio telegraphy highspeed club (HSC) is Felix Riess DL5XX, also well known as radio-operator from Antarctica with the call DP1POL. Felix also was many times German champion in highspeed telegraphy. He tooks over the job from Dr. Hans Schwarz DK5JI who is also a former German telegraphy champion from the late 1970s.

Neuer HSC Präsident

Ab dem 18.05.2019 ist Felix Riess DL5XL neuer Präsident des Radio Telegraphy Highspeed Clubs (HSC) von 1951. Felix ist besonders bekannt durch seine Antarktisaktivitäten mit dem Rufzeichen DP1POL. Er ist mehrfacher Sieger des deutschen Telegrafiepokals und tritt die Nachfolge von Dr. Hans Schwarz DK5JI an.

Новый президент HSC

С 18 мая 2019 года Феликс Рисс DL5XL является новым президентом Высокоскоростного клуба радиотелеграфии (HSC) 1951 года. Феликс наиболее известен своей антарктической деятельностью с позывным DP1POL. Он является многократным победителем немецкого Telegrafiepokals и становится преемником доктора Ханс Шварц DK5JI.


QSL of the 11. HST World championship in Bulgaria

16th IARU HST World championships in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian federation of radioamateurs (BFRA)  invite teams and individuals from all over the World to take part in the 16th IARU World highspeed telegraphy championships to be held in Bulgaria between 13th and 17th September 2019. The competition venue is located in the northern part of the city of Varna.  Accomodation and competition grounds are provided in Estreya hotels complex.


Programme of the competiton:

  • 13.09.2019, Friday - opening ceremony.
  • 14.09.2019, Saturday - competition day one.
  • 15.09.2019, Sunday - competition day two.
  • 16.09.2019, Monday - excursion, awarding ceremony.
  • 17.09.2019, Tuesday – departure day.

Same information and more is available on the championship’s website:  http://www.hst2019.com

Highspeed Telegraphy challenge in Empoli, May 2019


  1. Calls reception test (RUFZ) according to the official rules. The winner gets 100 points, the rest in proportion less.
  2. Morse Runner test (MR) according to the official rules. The winner gets 100 points, the rest in proportion less.

The ranking will be based on the two tests.
There will be an overall winner with the sum of the result of the two tests who will receive a souvenir plaque. The winners of the individual tests of the RUFZ and the MORSE RUNNER will receive a medal. The Challenge will take place from 10 am to 3 pm, in the two stations provided for the competitors. The award ceremony will take place at 4 p.m. Any prizes of the sponsors will be drawn among the participants of the event.

12. Europe´s HST championship Bucharest 2019

team results:

  1.  Belarus
  2. Romania
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Russia
  5. Albania
  6. Germany
  7. Switzerland
  8. Moldova

7th Balkan HST championship Bucharest, Romania 2019

Team results:

  1. Romania
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Albania
  4. Moldova

New World record !!!

Teodora Getzova, LZ2CWW from Bulgaria set a new World record in the category RUFZ with 286´944 points. Her new top result was achieved at the European/Balkan HST cup in Romania. She already held the old World record with 252082 points achieved in Switzerland 2012.

Teodora Getzova, Bulgaria


News about highspeed radio telegraphy in the republic of Belarus.

You can find them on the nice website of the Belarus Radiosports section of DOSAAF.

The russian abbrevation "DOSAAF" means Добровольное общество содействия армии. This  is in english "the voluntary society of assistance to the army, the air force and the navy of the republic of Belarus.


The Belarus highspeed Morse key is much faster than the German highspeed train ;-)

HST cup of Russia in Yekaterinburg
From March 28. to April 1. 2019 the HST cup of Russia took place in the city of Yekaterinburg. The competition was attended by 60 athletes from 9 regions of Russia.

Team results cup of Russia:
  1.  Sverdlovsk region
  2. Penza region
  3. St. Petersburg

Team results all -Russian competition:

  1. Altai Territory
  2. Moscow region
  3. Kemerovo region

Results single categories:

  • Evgeny Pashnin (RV9CPV) - 1. place men
  • Anna Sadukova (RA4FVL) - 1. place women
  • Artyom Melkin (UB3DPG) - 1. place juniors men
  • Elena Malysheva (R4F-73) - 1. place juniors women
  • Matvey Shilchikov (R4F-55) - 1. place young men
  • Anastasia Grigorieva (R9Y-011) - 1st young girls

Info from SRR via Elvira Aryutkina (UA4FJ)


Кубок России и ВС по СРТ в Екатеринбурге 2019

В период с 28 марта по 1 апреля 2019 в городе Екатеринбурге состоялись Кубок России и всероссийские соревнования по скоростной радиотелеграфии. В соревнованиях приняли участие 60 спортсменов из 9 регионов России.

Командные результаты в Кубке России:

  1. Свердловская область
  2. Пензенская область
  3. г. Санкт-Петербург

Командные результаты во всероссийских соревнованиях:

  1. Алтайский край
  2. Московская область
  3. Кемеровская область

Личные места:

  • Евгений Пашнин (RV9CPV) - 1. мужчин
  • Анна Садукова (RA4FVL) - 1. женщин
  • Артём Мелькин (UB3DPG) - 1. юниоров
  • Елена Малышева (R4F-73) - 1. юниорок
  • Матвей Шильчиков (R4F-55) - 1. юношей
  • Анастасия Григорьева (R9Y-011) - 1. девушек

CW Freak.Net   http://cwfreak.net/

The CW Freak.Net webside and software is created by Satoshi Imaizumi JI0VWL. It is a nice program for practice and copying callsigns on different speeds.

The following modes are possible:

Practice A - listen to amateur radio callsigns in different telegraphy speeds.

Practice B - (mini-contest) you can choose the speed and how many callsigns will be sent in one stage.

Competition - the competition starts with 25 words per Minute at Paris speed. If the callsign is correct the speed will go a bit faster, if it was wrong the speed will go slower. After 25 different callsigns it stops and your score will be shown on the screen, with the exception when all 25 callsigns were  correct. Then it will continue until your first error and gives your score then. If you like your on an international ranking it could be send to JI0VWL.


Russian HST championships 2019

The next Russian national highspeed telegraphy  championships will be hold from 28.06. to 02.07.2019 in the city of Penza, Russia.

Следующий чемпионат России по телеграфии пройдет с 28 июня по 2 июля в Пензе.

Die nächsten russischen Telegrafiemeisterschaften finden vom 28. Juni bis zum 2. Juli 2019 in Penza statt.

Deutscher Telegrafie Pokal DTP 2019

Der deutsche Telegrafiepokal (DTP) findet im Jahr 2019 erst im Oktober statt. Der Termin ist noch nicht festgelegt und wird an dieser Stelle bekanntgegeben. Laut CQ-DL 02/2019 sollte der Wettbewerb beim grossen CW Treffen in Erwitte am 18.05.2019 stattfinden, dies ist jedoch eine Falschmeldung.

German telegraphy championships

The next German telegraphy championships will be hold in October 2019. The date will be published soon on this site. The dates earlier published in the CQ-DL magazine or the AGCW news are cancelled.

2. Schweizer Morsetag 2019

Der zweite Schweizer Morsetag 2019 fand am 23. März 2019 in Sant´Antonino TI in der Nähe von Bellinzona statt. Der Anlass war nicht nur für "Highspeeder" sondern für alle Telegrafie Freunde offen. 

2. Swiss Morse-day 2019
The second Swiss "Morse-day" 2019 was taking place on March 23, 2019 in Sant'Antonino TI near Bellinzona. The event was not only open to highspeeders but to all telegraphy friends.

Siehe Bericht vom 1. Morsetag 2019
See report from the first "Morse-day" in 2019


Radio telegraphy highspeed club (HSC) Results of the November 2018 Contest

Here are the results of the November 2019 HSC contest. Operators from the following countries took part in this event: 4X, CT, DL, E7, EA, EW, F, G, GM, HA, HB9, I, IS, LA, LY, LZ, OE, OH, OK, OM, ON, OZ, PA, UA, S5, SM, SP, UR, YL, YU.

Category HSC-members:

1. DK2FG, 2. DL5YL, 3. DF4XX

Category non-HSC-members:

1. DJ1YF, 2. DJ7MH, 3. DL1HAA

Category QRP:

1. DJ1YFK, 2. DL1EFW, 3. DL8AWK

Category SWL:

1. US-F-007, 2. SP4-208

Thanks for the info PA1MUC/DL3LUM.


2. HST memorial competition "Vito Vetrano IN3VST" on March 9th 2019

Teodora Getzova, Bulgaria. Tnx photo HB9EDB.

This fine event was organized for the second time in Montichiari by Fabrizio Fabi IK2UIQ, the IARU highspeed telegraphy working group member for Italy. More than twenty competitors from Italy, Bulgaria, France, Israel, Serbia and Switzerland took part and achieved excellent results. Overall winner was 25 years old Teodora Getzova, the multiple world champion and world record holder from Bulgaria. Many thanks to Fabrizio Fabi for the information!

Это прекрасное мероприятие было организовано во второй раз в Монтичиари Фабрицио Фаби IK2UIQ, членом рабочей группы IARU по высокоскоростной телеграфии для Италии. Более двадцати участников из Италии, Болгарии, Франции, Израиля, Сербии и Швейцарии приняли участие и достигли отличных результатов. Абсолютным победителем стала 25-летняя Теодора Гетзова, многократная чемпионка мира и рекордсменка мира из Болгарии.



Results Morse Runner:

  1.  LZ2CWW Teodora Getzova
  2. HB9HDG Fulvio Galli points
  3. IU2FQW Gabriele Del Sonno

Results RufzXP:

  1. LZ2CWW Teodora Getzova
  2. HB9HDG Fulvio Galli
  3. IN3FHE Helga Ferrante

Fabrizio Fabi, IK2UIQ

HST Cup of Voronezh region 2019

From 23 to 24 February 2019 the Voronezh region cup of highspeed radio telegraphy was held. 42 athletes from 6 teams of the city of Voronezh and the Voronezh region took part. The athletes competed in receiving and transmitting alphabetic, digital and mixed texts, as well as in computer exercises, in which athletes had to take the maximum number of radio callsigns. Chief ot the jury was Boris Klimov UA3QD.

Team results:

  2. Team ZDOD "Constellation" (ЦДОД «Созвездие)
  3. Team Voronezh region oblast SRR (РО СРР по Воронежской области)

Category men:

  1. Alexander N. Kuskov
  2. Vladimir Vladimirov
  3. Igor Viktorovich.

Category women:

  1. Natalya Gapkina Ivanovna
  2. Maria Dmitrievna Pokatajeva;
  3. Anna Vyacheslavavna Tschekina.    

Воронеж состоялся Кубок области по радиоспорту 2019

23-24 февраля 2019 г. на базе ПОУ Воронежской ОТШ ДОСААФ России состоялся Кубок Воронежской области по радиоспорту (скоростная радиотелеграфия). Соревнования были личными с командным зачётом. В них приняло участие 42 спортсмена из шести команд города Воронежа и Воронежской области. Спортсмены соревновались в приеме и передаче буквенных, цифровых и смешанных текстов на скорость, а также в компьютерных упражнениях, при выполнении которых спортсменам необходимо было принять максимальное количество позывных.Уровень спортивной квалификации участников был следующим:мастер спорта международного класса – 1 человек;мастера спорта России – 13 человек;кандидаты в мастера спорта – 6 человек;спортсмены от первого разряда и ниже — 22 человека.

Места среди команд распределились следующим образом:

  1. команда ПОУ ВОТШ ДОСААФ России
  2. команда ЦДОД «Созвездие»
  3. команда РО СРР по Воронежской области

Среди мужчин:

  1. Кусков Александр Николаевич
  2. Владимиров Владимир Иванович
  3. Сергеев Игорь Викторович.

Среди женщин:

  1. Галкина Наталья Ивановна
  2. Покатаева Мария Дмитриевна
  3. Щекина Анна Вячеславовна.

спортивный судья Всероссийской категории

Главный судья соревнований

Б.И. Климов (UA3QD)


Radio telegraphy

Very highspeed club (VHSC)

New VHSC President from 12.12.2018 is Bob Ackx, PA5V (ex PA0SOL). PA3BWK, Wilko for personal reasons had to resign from his job as VHSC president.


New column:

World-wide Morse Runner toplist!

The creator of the Morse Runner contest software Alex Shovkoplyas VE3NEA allowed me to creat a worldwide Morse Runner toplist.

It takes some time to get the scores into correct order. If you are interested have a look on my site:


The world-wide top ten (04.03.2019)

1. YO8TTT 5105; 2. YT7AW; 3. LZ4UU 4798; 4. RA4FVL 4686; 5. EW8GS 4590; 6. YO8RJV 4522; 7. HB9EYN 4515; 8. EW8NW 4488; 9. EW8NK 4485; 10. EW1-835 4361

HST Republic Belarus junior cup 2019

From 14 to 17 February 2019 the HST "junior cup of the republic Belarus" took place in Mogilev. About 50 athlets from Minsk, Borisov, Brest, Mogilev, Svetlogorsk took part in the competitions. Six teams started for the title of the team champion. Congratulations to all winners and participants.

Category "girls under 21":

  1. Anastasia Begunova
  2. Yulia Tikhonovich
  3. Veronika Kamalova

Category "girls under 16":

  1. Nastya Karaselnikov
  2. Anna Karaselnikov
  3. Yulia Yakovchuk

Category "girls under 13":

  1. Viktorovich Yarovich
  2. Milena Samusevich
  3. Olga Cherneyko

Category "juniors under 21":

  1. Konstantin Harlan
  2. Roman Filonyuk
  3. Dmitry Guk

Category "juniors under 16":

  1. Cyril Koryagin
  2. Ivan Baranchuk
  3. Evgeny Leontyev

Category "boys under 13":

  1. Nikita Bindasov
  2. Vladislav Patrashenko
  3. Alexander Baranchuk

Overall winners:

Anastasia Begunova and Konstantin Kharlan.



С 14 по 17 февраля в Могилеве состоялись республиканские соревнования по скоростной радиотелеграфии "Кубок среди юниоров". В соревнованиях приняли участие порядка 50 спортсменов из Минска, Борисова, Бреста, Могилёва, Светлогорска. За звание команды-чемпиона боролись 6 команд.

в категории «девушки до 21»:

  1. Анастасия Бегунова (ДОСААФ, Могилёвская область);
  2. Юлия Тихонович (СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту ДОСААФ г. Минск);
  3. Вероника Камалова (Брестская область).

в категории «девушки до 16»:

  1. Настя Карасельникова (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  2. Анна Карасельникова (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  3. Юлия Яковчук (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область).

в категории «девушки до 13»:

  1. Ярович Виктория  (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  2. Милена Самусевич (СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту ДОСААФ г. Минск);
  3. Ольга Чернейко (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область).

в категории «юниоры до 21»:

  1. Константин Харлан (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область);
  2. Роман  Филонюк –  (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  3. Дмитрий Гук (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);

в категории «юниоры до 16»:

  1. Кирилл  Корягин (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область);
  2. Иван Баранчук (Брестская область);
  3. Евгений Леонтьев (ДОСААФ, Могилевская область).

в категории «юношы до 13»:

  1. Никита Биндасов (ДОСААФ, Могилевская область);
  2. Владислав Патрашенко (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  3. Александр Баранчук -  (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);

В абсолютном зачете победу одержала Анастасия Бегунова (ДОСААФ, Могилевская область) и Константин Харлан (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область).

Победителей и призеров соревнований наградили кубками, медалями и дипломами.

Кроме того на соревнованиях в торжественной обстановке были вручены удостоверения и знаки мастера спорта международного класса Артемию Гавриленко (Гомельская областная организационная стркуктура ДОСААФ), Роману Филонюку (Брестская областная организационная структура ДОСААФ), кандидата в мастера спорта Республики Беларусь по радиоспорту Милене Самусевич (СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту ДОСААФ Минска), Марине Лычковской и Никите Биндасову (оба - Могилевская объединенная организационная структура ДОСААФ). 



Russian highspeed radio telegraphy championships 28.03. - 01.04.2019 

The next Russian national Highspeed telegraphy  cup will be hold from 28.03. to 01.04.2019 in the city of Ekaterinenburg, Russia.

тверждены и публикуются регламенты Кубка России по радиоспорту (скоростная радиотелеграфия) и всероссийских соревнований по радиоспорту (скоростная телеграфия).
Соревнования состоятся в Екатеринбурге в период с 28 марта по 1 апреля 2019 г.




Kazakh highspeed radio telegraphy championships 19. - 21.04.2019 

The national HST championship of Kazakhstan for teams of the regions 1,5,33,34 will be hold from 19.04. to 21.04.2019 in Astana, republic of Kazakhstan.

Чемпионат РК по скоростной радиотелеграфии 19. - 21.04. 2019 г. Астана. Сборные команды       регионов РК 34, 33, 01, 05, КДСФК, КФРР Регио-нальные управления спорта.




Deutscher Telegrafie Pokal DTP 2019

Der deutsche Telegrafiepokal (DTP) findet im April 2019 wahrscheinlich im DARC Amateurfunkzentrum in Baunatal statt. Der Termin ist noch nicht festgelegt und wird an dieser Stelle bekanntgegeben. Laut CQ-DL 02/2019 soll der Wettbewerb beim CW Treffen in Eriwtte am 18.05.2019 stattfinden, dies ist wohl eine Falschmeldung.

German telegraphy championships

The next German telegraphy championships will maybe take part in April 2019 in the DARC headquarter in Baunatal near Kassel. The date will be published soon on this site.

16th IARU HST World championships

The Bulgarian federation of radioamateurs (BFRA)  invite teams and individuals from all over the World to take part in the 16th IARU World highspeed telegraphy championships to be held in Bulgaria 13. -17.09.2019.

The competition venue is ‘St. Konstantine and Helena’ resort, near Varna, on the Black Sea coast. Accomodation and competition grounds are provided in Estreya hotels complex 


Programme of the competition:

  • 13.09.2019, Friday; arrival day, opening ceremony and official meetings.
  • 14.09.2019, Saturday; competition day 1, awarding ceremony of day 1.
  • 15.09.2019, Sunday; competition day 2, awarding ceremony of day 2.
  • 16.09.2019, Monday; spare competition day, excursion day, awarding and closing ceremony.
  • 17.09.2019, Tuesday; departure day.

More information here: www.hst2019.com

2. HST Memorial competition "Vito Vetrano IN3VST" on 09.03.2019 in Montichiari, Italy

On March 9th 2019 the Italian Telegraphy Club will organise a HST competition at the radioanistica expo in Montichiari near Brescia in Memory of Vito Vetrano IN3VST. Vito was an active radio telegraphy operator and for many years the italian IARU highspeed telegraphy working group member. Officina Piero Begali will sponsored a wonderful prize for the overall winner.


16. IARU HST World Championships 2019 Albena, Bulgaria

The 16th IARU highspeed telegraphy World championships will be held in Albena, Bulgaria from 13. to  17 September 2019. Organizers are the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs (BFRA) and the international Amateur Radio Union (IARU).


7. Balkan HST championship and Europe´s HST cup 2019

The 2019 Balkan championship and Europe´s cup will be held from 1st to 5th May 2019 at the Sydney 2000 olympic centre in Izvorani (Ilfov) Romania.

(Tnx Info YO3CZW)

Website:   http://hamyo.ro/hst2019/   


  • 1 May 2019 - arrival day and official opening ceremony
  • 2 May 2019 - competition day 1
  • 3 May 2019 - competition day 2
  • 4 May 2019 - Bucharest tour and awarding ceremony
  • 5 May 2019 - departure day

7. Balkan HST Meisterschaften und HST Europapokal 2019

Die diesjährigen Balkan HST Meisterschaften und der offene HST Europapokal finden vom 1. bis 5. Mai 2019 im Sydney 2000 Olympic Centre in Izvorani (Ilfov) Rumänien statt. Infos bekommt man über die Webseite:  http://hamyo.ro/hst2019/

7. Чемпионат Балканы и кубок Европейский по скоростной радио-телеграфии (срт) 2019

В этом году чемпионат Балканских островов и открытый Кубок Европы по скоростная радиотелеграфия пройдут с 1 по 5 мая 2019 года в Изворани, графство Ильфов, Румыния. Вы получаете информацию о веб-сайте:   http://hamyo.ro/hst2019/


Deutsches CW Wochenende 2019

Das deutsche CW Wochenende organisiert von AGCW und HSC findet vom 17. bis 19. Mai 2019 im Hotel Büker in Erwitte (Westfalen) statt. Der deutsche Telegrafiepokal (DTP) wird nicht dort durchgeführt werden. Die Begründung für die Orts- und Termin-änderung siehe Seite der AGCW:


German CW Weekend 2019

The German CW weekend organized by AGCW and HSC will be held from 17.05. to 19.05.2019 in Erwitte. After many years of CW weekends in Erbenhausen, the location for the first time will be the Hotel Büker in Erwitte (Westfalen). The German telegraphy championships will not be hold there.



Radio Telegraphy Highspeed Club 'HSC autumn contest 2018'
About 100 radio operators from 20 different countries took part within this party on Sunday Nov. 4th 2018. Here are the results of the contest:


Category members, call

Category non-members, call

Category QRP, call

Category SWL - call







































Mongolian highspeed telegraphy championships 2018

The Mongolian HST championships were held on December 10th 2018 in Ulaanbaatar. Competitions and categories were within the IARU rules.

Category RufzXP (in Mongolian language):

Women - Эмэгтэй.
1-р байр. Н.Орлого
2-р байр У.Удаахцэцэг
3-р байр Л.Лхамдулам

Men - Эрэгтэй.
1-р байр. Х.Батчулуун
2-р байр. Д.Амарсайхан
3-р байр. Б.Мөнгөнзул

Category Morserunner (in Mongolian language):

Women -Эмэгтэй.

1-р байр. Л.Лхамдулам
2-р байр. Н.Орлого
3-р байр. У.Удаахцэцэг

Men - Эрэгтэй
1-р байр. П.Баттөр
2-р байр. Х.Батчулуун
3-р байр. Б.Мөнгөнзул

Highspeed telegraphy in Great Britain At the Meeting of the Essex CW Amateur Radio Club (ECWARC) on October 27th 2018 in Witham, England a radio telegraphy highspeed competition was held.

The winner and first time unofficial british HST champion is Andy Summers, G4KNO.

Auf dem Treffen des Essex CW Amateur Radio Clubs in Witham, England wurde am 29.10.2018 ein Wettbewerb in Highspeed Telegrafie durchgeführt. Sieger und erster britischer HST Meister wurde Andy Summers, G4KNO.


Russian HST Contest Penza 2018

30 competitors from 6 different Russian regions took part at the "Russian Highspeed Telegraphy Contest" from 27. - 30.09.2018 in Penza.

Ranking of the Russian regions:





Altai Territory



Penza Region





Winner of the individual competitions:

Elena Malysheva

Penza Region

Oleg Popov

Altai Territory

Anastasia Grigorieva

Altai Territory

Matvey Shilchikov

Penza Region

Tnx info from Союз радиолюбителей России (СРР)


15. IARU Highspeed Telegraphy World Championships, 25.- 29. August 2018  Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan

From 25th to 29th August 2018 the 15. IARU HST World Championships took part in Astana the capital city of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The games were opened and followed by the chairman of sports and physical culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mister Serik Zharasbayev. More than 100 competitors from all over the World enjoyed an extraordinary good organized event. The final results can be found here:


HST Team World Champion 2018 - Team Belarus

  1. Belarus
  2. Russia
  3. Romania
  4. Hungary
  5. Bulgaria
  6. Mongolia
  7. Germany
  8. Switzerland
  9. Kazakhstan
  10. USA
  11. Moldova
  12. Slovenia
  13. Denmark
  14. Kuwait


Romanian HST Championships 2018 in Piatra Neamt

Team results:

Place/ Club/ Juniors 1/ Juniors 2/ Seniors 1/ Seniors 2/ Total

  1. CSM Iasi, 589,9 678,1 524,6 773,5 2566,1
  2. CSTA Suceava, 579,4 623,2 771,5 568,2 2542,3
  3. CSTA Bucuresti, 720,3 630,6 658,6 0,0 2009,5
  4. Ceahlaul Piatra Neamt - 373,9 544,2 389,0 383,9 1691,0
  5. Petrolul Ploiesti - 0,0 644,6 0,0 0,0 644,6
  6. ACS Valentin - 0,0 0,0 199,0 0,0 199,0
  7. PNC - 191,5 0,0 0,0 0,0 191,5

(thanks info from Federatia Romana de Radioamatorism facebook side)

6. Balkan HST championships and 11. HST tournament Europe's Cup 2018

Europe HST Cup - Team classification

  1. Belarus - 5699,6 points
  2. Romania - 4292,3 points
  3. Russia - 3834,0 points
  4. Bulgaria - 1811,6 points
  5. Hungary - 941,6 points
  6. Macedonia - 761,7 points
  7. Switzerland - 539,3 points
  8. Serbia - 531,9 points


Balkan HST Cup  - Team classification

  1. Romania - 2439,2 points
  2. Bulgaria - 1145,5 points
  3. Macedonia - 517,5 points
  4. Serbia - 252,0 points


New World Record - May 4. 2018

Morse Runner:

5105 points by Alexandru Mancas YO8TTT, Romania.

2 New World Records - May 3. 2018
Receiving test: 320 figures per minute.( = 570 Paris speed) and transmitting test figures: 242 cpm ( = 431 Paris speed) by Hanna Shavialenko EW8NK, Republic of Belarus.

German Telegraphy Cup 2018

The German Telegraphy Cup (DTP) took place on April 14, 2018 in Erbenhausen in the state of Thuringia. A total of 19 participants took part in the competitions.

The winners were:
Ladies: Irina Stieber, DL8DYL;
Men of all ages: Andre Schoch, DL4UNY;
Men from 40 - 50 years - Felix Riess, DL5XL;
Men old seniors over 50 - Stefan Hader, DL9ABM
Results and reports can be found here or on the left side @ the hst Germany column:


Russian Highspeed Radio Telegraphie Cup 2018 in St. Petersburg

March 30 to April 3, 2018, competitions in high-speed radiotelegraphy took place in St. Petersburg. More than 80 athletes from the following nine different regions of the Russian Federation participated in the competitions: Ivanovo, Kemerovo, Leningrad, Moscow, Penza, Sverdlovsk, Altai and Krasnodar, the Republic of Mari El, the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Three participants from Germany also participated in the competitions. These were DL4UNY, DL5AXX and DL7CH.

Result of the ranking regions of Russia:

  1. Penza (5381.2 points)
  2. Sverdlovsk region (4867,0 points)
  3. St. Petersburg (4672.3 points)

In the individual ranking are the following winners:

  • Men - Eugene Pashnin (RV9CPV)
  • Women - Anna Sadukova (RA4FVL)
  • Juniors - Danil Shestakov (R9U-144)
  • Junior Women - Marina Kudanova (R4F-88)
  • Boys - Dmitry Kuznetsov (R4F-100)
  • Girl - Elizabeth Ivakhnenko (UB3DPI)


The Republic of Belarus national HST championships  "Cup of Belarus"
took place from 02. - 05. March 2018 in Minsk.
42 participants from Minsk, Borisov, Brest, Mogilev, Svetlogorsk took part in the competition. The winners represent the republic of Belarus at the
European championships in May 2018 in Bansko, Bulgaria and at the World championships in August 2018 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • Women first place: Hanna Shavialenko (EW8NK),  Men first place: Oleg Ostrovsky (EW8NW)

http:// http://www.radiosport.by/novosti05032018.html

HST Memorial competition for Vito Vetrano  IN3VST on 10.03.2018

On March 10th 2018 the Italian Telegraphy Club organised a HST competition at the radioanistica expo in Montichiari in Memory of Vito Vetrano IN3VST. Vito was many years the italian IARU highspeed telegraphy working group member and active radio-amateur at the ARI Sezione di Merano. Officina Piero Begali sponsored a wonderful prize for the overall winner Helga Ferrante, IN3FHE.


Overall, call

Morserunner, call

RufzXP call




























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