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Deutscher Telegraphie Pokal 2021
Am Samstag dem 23. Oktober 2021 findet in Erbenhausen (Thüringen) der Deutsche Telegraphie Pokal (DTP) statt. Aufgrund der ansteigenden Corona Inzidenzen im Bundesland Thüringen wird im Tagungslokal "Berghotel Eisenacher Haus" die 3G Regel (geipmft, genesen oder getestet) angewandt. Interessierte welche dieser Forderung nicht nachkommen können nicht teilnehmen. Der Wettbewerb findet nach folgendem Zeitplan statt:
09:00 - 11:00 Receiving
11:00 - 12:30 RufzXP
13:30 - 16:30 Transmitting / Morse Runner
19:00 Siegerehrung
Originalausschreibung und Regeln:

German Telegraphy Cup 2021

The Deutsche Telegraphie Pokal (DTP) will take place on Saturday, October 23, 2021 in Erbenhausen (Thuringia). Due to the increasing corona incidences in the state of Thuringia, the 3G rule (vaccinated, recovered or tested) is applied in the conference location "Berghotel Eisenacher Haus". Interested parties who do not meet this requirement cannot participate. The competition takes place according to the following schedule:

09:00 - 11:00 Receiving

11:00 am - 12:30 pm RufzXP

13:30 - 16:30 Transmitting / Morse Runner

19:00 award ceremony

Original announcement and rules:


17th IARU HST world championships 2021

Henning Andresen OZ2I started for team Denmark and find the time to creat a nice video about the world championships in Montenegro. Many thanks for the good job and allowing me to give a note about the film.


The IARU highspeed telegraphy working group (26.07.2021)

The IARU HST working group is an advisory body within Region 1, with the aim to promote highspeed telegraphy.

The HST working group is an advisory body within the regional IARU structure, each national society within Region 1 can appoint its representative. He or she can act in full power only if the society completely fulfill the financial obligation to Region 1.

  • Aims and activities are:
  • exchange information related to HST
  • develop HST materials and answer question from other IARU bodies
  • provide HST advice and help to Region 1 member societies
  • submit HST advises, proposals and recommendations to the Executive Committee
  • participate in the organization of IARU HST events
  • undertake HST activities on behalf of IARU Region 1
  • prepare HST rules
  • to give recommendation to the EC and GC for final approve of the rules
  • to approve changes in the “APPENDIX” of the rules between the conferences and EC meetings

HST working group assists the IARU member societies in HST activities, organize IARU HST international events and championships, support competition and technical improvements in HST, prepares bulletins and educational material.

HST working group cooperates with the similar bodies in IARU region 2 and region 3.

Here are the national representatives:

  1. Alabania ZA1D
  2. Belarus EU1HAO
  3. Bulgaria LZ1PJ
  4. Czech Rep. OK2BFN
  5. Germany DL4UNY
  6. Hungary HA3NU
  7. Italy IK2UIQ
  8. Kazakhstan UN7ZA
  9. Macedonia Z32M
  10. Mongolia JT1CP
  11. Montenegro 4O4W
  12. Poland SP8BVN
  13. Romania YO8WW
  14. Russia RN1AF
  15. Serbia YU1EA
  16. Slovenia S57WJ
  17. Switzerland HB9CSA



17. IARU HST WC Montenegro 2021 World champion team Belarus 

World Team Champion 2021 - Team Belarus

The 17. IARU world championships in Montenegro ended on September 13, 2021 with 77 participants from 21 countries. New and old World team champion is the national team of the Republic of Belarus, followed by team Russia and team Hungary.

Most medals went to team Belarus, followed by Russia, Romania, Germany, Bulgaria and Hungary.

Outstanding was the result of Hanna Semianikhina (-Shavialenko). She won every IARU HST championships of the women overall category since 2009 and became a HST world champion for the tenth time in a row.

Another extraordinary result was from two Belarus competitors of the girls category C at the Morse Runner test. Yulia Tsikhanovich became a world champion with 4141 points while Anastasiya Behunova with 4128 points only lost 13 points to the world title. The difference of 13 points means that one letter or figure  more or less recognized in a period of ten minutes. Luck and bad luck are so close together. Actually, like the high jump olympics in tokyo, there should have been two gold medals.

Because of the IARU HST rules she did not get any medal. In most of the other age-categories she would have been the winner.

Congratulatios to all participants for taking part and a big thank-you to Oliver Tabakovski and the organzing team to make the HST 2021 possible. Hopefully everything goes to normal in 2022.

All results can be find on the website of Matthia Kolpe:


17. IARU HST World Championships

The 17. IARU HST World championships will take part from 10. - 14.09.2021 in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. The Montenegrin Amateur Radio Pool (MARP) and the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) announced this major event this week. All competitons will be hold at the "Institute Dr. Simo Milosevic" in Igalo. After 2016´s World championship at the same place it is a good decision with excellent conditions for accomodation and contests.



17-й чемпионат мира IARU HST пройдет с 10 по 14 сентября 2021 года в Герцег-Нови, Черногория. Объединение радиолюбителей Черногории (MARP) и Международный союз радиолюбителей (IARU) объявили об этом крупном событии на этой неделе. Все соревнования проходят в «Институте доктора Симо Милошевича» в Игало. После чемпионата мира 2016 года там же хорошее решение с отличными условиями для проживания и соревнований.

  • HST 2021 Bulletin#1 page1
  • HST 2021 Bulletin#1 page2
  • HST 2021 letter of intent

Die 17. IARU HST Weltmeisterschaften finden vom 10. - 14. September 2021 in Herceg Novi, Montenegro statt. Der Montenegrinische Amateurfunkpool (MARP) und die International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) gaben diese Woche diese Großveranstaltung bekannt. Alle Wettbewerbe finden im "Institut Dr. Simo Milosevic" in Igalo statt. Nach den Weltmeisterschaft 2016 am selben Ort eine gute Entscheidung mit hervorragenden Bedingungen für Unterkunft und Wettkämpfe.

Horkeimer Preis 2021 to DJ1YFK

Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK, receives the 2021 Rudolf Horkheimer Award by DARC for building and launching his Learn CW Online (LCWO) website. The website is accessible at https://lcwo.net/ and has over 100,000 registered users. DARC Chairman Christian Entsfellner, DL3MBG, in his commendable speech, said that he has helped many people around the world understand Morse code since its inception in 2008. Congratulations for this very special honor.

Fabian Kurz, DJ1YFK, erhält den Rudolf Horkheimer Preis 2021 für den Aufbau und die Einführung seiner Learn CW Online (LCWO)-Website. Die Website ist unter https://lcwo.net/ zugänglich und hat über 100.000 registrierte Benutzer. DARC-Vorsitzender Christian Entsfellner, DL3MBG, sagte in seiner lobenswerten Rede, dass er seit seiner Einführung im Jahr 2008 vielen Menschen auf der ganzen Welt geholfen hat, den Morsecode zu verstehen. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu dieser großen Ehre.

Фабиан Курц, DJ1YFK, получает премию Хоркхаймера 2021 года за создание и запуск своего веб-сайта Learn CW Online (LCWO). Веб-сайт доступен по адресу https://lcwo.net/ , и на нем зарегистрировано более 100 000 пользователей. Председатель DARC Кристиан Энцфелльнер, DL3MBG, в своей похвальной речи сказал, что он помог многим людям во всем мире понять азбуку Морзе с момента ее основания в 2008 году. Поздравляю с этой большой честью.

German CW weekend and German telegraphy trophy 2021

After canceling the CW weekend planned in early 2021, HSC and AGCW are planning to hold the CW weekend  from 22. - 24.10.2021 in Erbenhausen. The German telegraphy trophy (Deutscher Telegrafie Pokal) will take part on October 23.

Further information can be found on the website of AGCW-DL:  https://www.agcw.de/mitgliederversammlung-und-cw-wochenende-2021/54339/

  • Erbenhausen, Hotel Eisenacher Haus
  • AGCW membership certificate

Faisal Alajmi, 9K2RR, silent key 

With sadness we learn of the death of our HST friend Faisal Alajmi, 9K2RR on July 2nd 2021. Faisal had been IARU region 1 vice-president since the 2014 general conference and was an active supporter of amateur radio in the Arab world and globally. Despite his high position, he was an exemplary friendly man. At the highspeed telegraphy world championships 2016 in Montenegro, he was the first HST medal winner from Kuwait.

We will miss him very much. My condolences to those who have survived and rest in peace dear Faisal.

9K2RR Faisal Alajmi

Volodymyr Ivanov, UT1IJ, silent key

We are very sad. On June 5th 2021, the well-known telegraph operator and multiple HST international champion Volodymyr Konstantinovich Ivanov died in Kiev, Ukraine. Vladimir's second hobby was music, he performed with his singing at many HST world championships. Our condolences go out to his family. Rest in peace . . . - . -

13. Europe HST cup 2021 in Albania

Team Belarus is the winner of the european highspeed telegraphy championships 2021 in Elbasan, Albania. Team Romania made a fantastic silver place, whilest team Albania was on the podium for the first time. Congratulations to all participants!

  • European champion 2021 team Belarus
  • Team Romania - 2nd place EUHST 2021
  • Team Albania - 3rd place EUHST 2021
  1. Belarus, 5142.8 points
  2. Romania, 4478.7 points
  3. Albania, 1760.9 points
  4. Bulgaria, 1055.7 points
  5. Macedonia, 821.5 points 
  6. Russia, 543.0 points
  7. Kosovo, 319.7 points

8. Balkan HST championships 2021 in Albania

Team Romania is the Balkan HST team champion 2021. Team Albania with a big team and excellent results was on the silver position and team Bulgaria won the bronce medal.

  1. Romania, 6739.0 points
  2. Albania, 2599.3.9 points
  3. Bulgaria, 1200.5 points
  4. Macedonia, 1153.9 points
  5. Kosovo, 446.2 points


Results of the 13. Europe´s HST cup and 8. Balkan HST championships 2021 in Albania

Here are the results of the 13th Europe´s HST cup and 8th Balkan HST championships in Elbasan. Many thanks to Oliver Tabakovski Z32TO and the Albanian organizing committee for this first event after the stop of all international events because of Covid 19. Congratulations to all participants for the good results and see you at the 2022 EU HST !

For the results see:  Albania 2021 - Europe´s cup

Morse Runner top list:

Congrats for a new 1st place for the Netherlands in the Morse Runner top list to Paul, PA3DSB. For the rules see:   Morse Runner toplist

13.Europe´s HST Cup / 8.Balkan HST Championship in Elbasan, Republic of Albania, 09. - 13.06.2021
The competition will take part from 9. to 13. June 2021 in the city of Elbasan in the republic of Albania. It will be the first big HST event  organized from our friends in Albania. The information bulletin #1 can be found on the website of the Russian Radio Club (SRR):

70 years HSC

In 1951 the radio telegraphy highspeed club (HSC) was founded. For the 70 years jubilee of HSC several special event stations will be on the air during 2021. For more information see:  http://www.highspeedclub.org/


60 years VHSC

On 1st May 1961 the radio telegraphy very highspeed club (VHSC) was founded. Preparatory activities already started about one year before in 1960. A VHSC-Committee has been created consisting of  PA0LXL, DL1XA and DJ4KW. 

One of the first tasks of the VHSC-Committee was to find a sufficient amount of QRQ-Operators, each having the capability of solid copy and excellent keying at a speed of 40 wpm, during at least 30 minutes, to sponsor new candidates for VHSC membership. Worldwide 29 QRQ-operators, who in fact became the VHSC-founders, have been appointed to act as initial sponsor for VHSC-Membership; those initial sponsors becoming VHSC-Member as well. Today still some of the initial VHSC-Sponsors are still QRV. Secretary of VHSC is PA0DIN.
Special callsigns QRV from 01.05. - 01.06.2021: OE60VHSC = OE1TKW, PA60VHSC = PA5V, PH60VHSC = PA0INA, OZ6VHSC   = OZ1JHM, Z360VHSC.

Republic of Belarus national HST championships
From April 22nd to 25th, 2021, the Belarusian national high-speed telegraphy championships were held in the city of Brest. The competitions took place at the expected high level.

A first video report was made available to us by https://bugtv.by/. Thank you for allowing me to publish it. Here are the first results of the event:

Category teams:

  1. DOSAAF Gomel region – 5331.9 points
  2. DOSAAF Mogilev region – 4793.8 points
  3. DOSAAF Brest region – 3952.6 points
  4. DOSAAF Minsk region – 2952.1 points


Category females:

  1. Anna Semianikhina (-Shavialenko) – 770.5 points
  2. Natalija Kravcuk – 680.7 points
  3. Anastasija Behunova – 677.3 points
  4. Anastasija Ilina, 659.3 points
  5. Anastasija Karaselnikova, 648.1 points
  6. Julia Jakovcuk, 643.6 points


Category males:

  1. Konstantin Kharlan, 783.4 points
  2. Stanislau Haurylenka – 733.2 points
  3. Oleg Ostrowski - 717.4 points
  4. Kiril Karjagin - 663.9 points
  5. Roman Filanjuk - 622.1 points
  6. Nikolai Geljasewitsch - 613,7 Punkte

Thanks to  https://bugtv.by/  allowing me to publish the video.

Category girls until 16 years of age

  1. Julia Jakovcuk, RufzXP 221388 points, Morserunner 3101 points, RX letters 250/5, RX figures 230/1, RX mixed 190/4, TX letters 196, TX figures 175. TX mixed 166.

Category women junior until 21 years of age

  1. Anastasija Behunova, RufzXP 147325 points, Morserunner 3655 points, RX letters 270/2, RX figures 280/2, RX mixed 230/2, TX letters 222, TX figures 201. TX mixed 175.

Category women

  1. Anna Semianikhina, RufzXP 206283 points, Morserunner 3803 points, RX letters 300/3, RX figures 310/3, RX mixed 240/4, TX letters 248, TX figures 227. TX mixed 190.

Category women senior

  1. Irina Tschuikevic, RufzXP 109066 points, Morserunner 2738 points, RX letters 240/1, RX figures 230/3, RX mixed 200/4, TX letters 224, TX figures 186. TX mixed 196.

Category boys until 16 years of age

  1. Wladislaw Patraschenko, RufzXP 81473 points, Morserunner 2232 points, RX letters 200/2, RX figures 170/3, RX mixed 170/4, TX letters 166, TX figures 132. TX mixed 136.

Category men junior until 21 years of age

  1. Konstantin Kharlan, RufzXP 238048 points, Morserunner 3798 points, RX letters 270/1, RX figures 300/1, RX mixed 210/2, TX letters 227, TX figures 200. TX mixed 181.

Category men

  1. Stanislau Haurylenka, RufzXP 228637 points, Morserunner 4478 points, RX letters 270/5, RX figures 270/4, RX mixed 200/5, TX letters 218, TX figures 172. TX mixed 143.

Category men senior

  1. Oleg Ostrowski, RufzXP 171929 points, Morserunner 4478 points, RX letters 260/4, RX figures 300/3, RX mixed 200/5, TX letters 202, TX figures 190. TX mixed 180.

С 22 по 25 апреля 2021 года в городе Бресте прошел Всероссийский чемпионат Беларуси по скоростной телеграфии. Соревнования прошли на ожидаемом высоком уровне. Первый видеоотчет был предоставлен нам на  https://bugtv.by/ . Спасибо, что разрешили мне опубликовать это. некоторые результаты можно найти в англоязычной части.

Vom 22. bis zum 25. April 2021 wurden die nationalen Hochgeschwindigkeitstelegraphie-Meisterschaften von Belarus in der Stadt Brest durchgeführt. Die Wettbewerbe fanden auf dem erwartet hohem Niveau statt. Ein erster Videobericht wurde uns von  https://bugtv.by/  zur Verfügung gestellt. Vielen Dank für die Erlaubnis es zu veröffentlichen. Erste Resultate findet man im englischen Teil des Berichts.

  • Team Hungary 1991
  • Team Belarus 2018
  • Team Russia
  • Team Romania 2019
  • Team Belaru 2019
  • Team Switzerland 2019

IARU highspeed telegraphy world and european championships 2021

The final decision regarding each competition will be made in due course by the relevant working group in close coordination with the national radio amateur organization of the host country and the IARU region 1 executive committee. This decision will be made at least 6 weeks before the start of the every event.

IARU чемпионат мира и европы по скоростной телеграфии 2021

Окончательное решение относительно каждого соревнования будет принято в своё время соответствующей рабочей группой в тесной координации с национальной радиолюбительской организацией страны, принимающей мероприятие, и исполкомом IARU-R1.

IARU Hochgeschwindigkeitstelegraphie Welt- und Europameisterschaften 2021
Die endgültige Entscheidung über jeden Wettbewerb wird zu gegebener Zeit von der zuständigen Arbeitsgruppe in enger Abstimmung mit der nationalen Radioamateurorganisation des Gastlandes und dem Exekutivkomitee der IARU-Region 1 getroffen. Diese Entscheidung wird mindestens 6 Wochen vor Beginn jeder Veranstaltung getroffen.


Highspeed telegraphy history

  • 30 years ago:
  • 1991 IARU HST championship in Neerpelt, Belgium
    20 years ago:
  • 2001 IARU HST world championship in Constanta, Romania
  • 10 years ago:
  • 2011 IARU HST world championships in Bielefeld, Germany
  • and 2021 ?
Mogilev, Republic of BelarusVon Александр Липилин - http://lipilin2010.livejournal.com/72406.html, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=26119566

Belarus Junior Highspeed Telegraphy Cup 2021

From March 11. - 14. 2021 the Belarus junior highspeed radio telegraphy cup was held in the city of Mogilev, in the eastern part of the Republic of Belarus. The youngsters from all over Belarus participated in all 4 HST disciplines. With these young radio athletes team Belarus will continue to hold the top position in international competitions over the next few years.

Many thanks for the informations to Irina Kowaleskaya!

Results were as follows:

Category males, under 21 years of age

  1. Nikita Bindasov (RX letters 200/5, RX figures 200/4, RX mixed 140/4, TX letters 211, TX figures 164, TX mixed 165, RUFZ 119.581 points, Morse Runner 3094 points)
  2. Artem Dudkin
  3. Yaroslav Astapov

Category boys, under 16 years of age

  1. Vladislav Patrashenka (RX letters 200/4, RX figures 190/1, RX mixed 160/4, TX letters 176, TX figures 141, TX mixed 148, RUFZ 85.853 points, Morse Runner 2308 points)
  2. Evgeny Leontyev
  3. Boris Cherneyko

Category boys, under 13 years of age

  1. Andrey Zakharenka (RX letters 170/1, RX figures 180/5, RX mixed 160/2, TX letters 138, TX figures 111, TX mixed 92 RUFZ 62.694 points, Morse Runner 3071 points)
  2. Stepan Sivzov
  3. Timofey Lychik

Category junior females, under 21 years of age

  1. Anastasiya Behunuoa (RX letters 260/3, RX figures 280/1, RX mixed 240/4, TX letters 221, TX figures 182, TX mixed 164, RUFZ 163.625 points, Morse Runner 4114 points)
  2. Veronika Kamalova
  3. Olga Tscherneyka

Category girls, under 16 years of age

  1. Yulia Yakavczuk (RX letters 220/3, RX figures 230/3, RX mixed 170/3, TX letters 202, TX figures 172, TX mixed 148, RUFZ 187.878 points, Morse Runner 2795 points)
  2. Viktoria Yarovic
  3. Milena Samusevic

Category girls, under 13 years of age

  1. Kristina Samusevic (RX letters 240/5, RX figures 230/1, RX mixed 190/3, TX letters 178, TX figures 140, TX mixed 130, RUFZ 90.496 points, Morse Runner 3463 points)
  2. Natalya Gudyna
  3. Arina Shakava

В Могилеве прошел юношеский Кубок Беларуси по скоростной радиотелеграфии 2021

В городе Могилеве на базе Могилевской организационной структуры ДОСААФ прошел Кубок Республики Беларусь по скоростной радиотелеграфии. Три дня 32 участника из Могилевской, Брестской, Гомельской и Минской областей боролись за звание сильнейших. Соревнования по высокоскоростной радиотелеграфии также включают в себя практику высокоскоростных любительских радиопозывных на компьютере и высокоскоростных любительских радиопозывных. Для этого используется компьютер, на котором установлено специальное программное обеспечение. Отчет можно найти здесь:



Belarus Highspeed Telegraphy Cup 2021

From February 25th to 28th 2021 the Belarus highspeed radiotelegraphy cup took part in the city of Svetlogorsk in the southeastern part of the Republic of Belarus. For three days more than thirty participants from Brest, Gomel, Mogilev and Minsk fought for the cup. The radio operators from the country of the actual world-champion reached excellent results in all disciplines.

Results were as follows:

Category males, all ages

  1. Siarhei Shviadko, Mogilev, EW7SH, 776,1 points (RX letters 290/3, RX figures 320/1, RX mixed 230/3, TX letters 238/1, TX figures 231/1, TX mixed 189/1, RUFZ 193.322 points, Morse Runner 4479 points)
  2. Kanstantin Kharlan, Gomel, EW8HK, 708,6 points
  3. Oleg Ostrovski, Gomel, EW8NW, 703,0 points
  4. Stanislau Haurlyenka, Gomel, EW8GS, 681,3 points
  5. Dimitriy Guk, Brest, 630,9 points
  6. Kiryl Karahin, Gomel, EW8KK, 625,4 points
  7. Roman Filaniuk, Brest, EW3-044, 580,5 points
  8. Nikolai Gelyasevich, Mogilev, EW7SH, 554,4 points
  9. Nikita Bindasov, Mogilev, EW7KEY, 536,8 points
  10. Aleksei Ostrovski, Gomel, 520,6 points

Category females, all ages       

  1. Anna Semianikhina, Minsk, 765,7 points (RX letters 280/3, RX figures 320/2, RX mixed 220/2, TX letters 232/1, TX figures 220/1, TX mixed 188/0, RUFZ 170.251 points, Morse Runner 4008 points)
  2. Anastasiya Behunova, Mogilev, 709,1 points
  3. Anastasiya Ilina, Minsk, 697,3 points
  4. Natlaya Kravcuk, Gomel, 693,1 points
  5. Yulia Tsikhanovich, Minsk, 679,2 points
  6. Larysa Barysenka, Mogilev, 641,9 points
  7. Yulia Yakovich, Gomel, 640,1 points
  8. Anastasiya Karaselnikava, Brest, 639,3 points
  9. Irina Tchuykevich, Minsk, 577,5 points
  10. Viktorya Yakovich, Brest, 553,3 points
Svetlogorsk, Republic of BelarusАвтор: Уласная праца. Own work. - Уласная праца. Own work., CC0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=39313274

Cancellation of the CW weekend April 2021

Unfortunately AGCW-DL had to cancel their general meeting and CW weekend planned for April 2021 due to the still serious corona situation. In addition, renovation work is currently being carried out in the Hotel Eisenacher Haus, which will probably take a long time. They are  are currently planning the CW weekend from October 8th to 10th, 2021 in Erbenhausen. Further information will follow shortly on https://www.agcw.de/.

Absage CW-Wochenende und AGCW-DL Mitgliederversammlung April 2021

Leider muss die für April 2021 geplante AGCW-DL Mitgliederversammlung 2021 aufgrund der noch immer ernsten Corona-Situation abgesagt werden. Zudem werden derzeit im Hotel Eisenacher Haus Renovierungsarbeiten ausgeführt, die vermutlich längere Zeit andauern werden.

Die AGCW-DL plant das CW-Wochenende vom 8. bis 10. Oktober 2021 in Erbenhausen abzuhalten. Eventuell wird dort auch der traditionelle Deutsche Telegraphy Pokal durchgeführt. Weitere Informationen dazu folgen in Kürze auf  https://www.agcw.de/.

  • AGCW-DL membership certificate
  • HSC club-station DK0HSC
  • German flag
  • Deutscher Telegrafie Pokal Urkunde
  • Hotel Eisenacher Hof Erbenhausen
  • Hotel Eisenacher Hof Erbenhausen

HSC spring contest 2021

Dont forget to take part in the spring contest of the radio telegraphy highspeed club (HSC) on Sunday, 28.02.2021 from 14:00 - 17:00 utc. Main activity will be on 40 and 80 meters between stations in Europe.

More informations about this event on:  https://sites.google.com/view/hsc-contest

60 years of VHSC

On May 1st 2021 the "radio telegraphy very highspeed club" will celebrate its 60 years jubilee. Members of VHSC are planning to realize an extra activity during the month of May 2021. Watch out for PA60VHSC, DL60VHSC or other special callsigns. More informations will be published soon  on this side.

The Radio  Telegraphy Very High Speed Club VHSC was founded on May 1st 1961 under  protection of VERON and DARC and has the intention to gather radioamateurs who are able to  transmit and to copy very high speed telegraphy, and doing so, to encourage CW-Traffic in  general and QRQ-Traffic in particular.
The VHSC Committee consists of:
PA5V, president - PA0DIN, secretary - DL5XL,  president of HSC

The "Swiss Open CW Activity" / HB-OCWA Award

The object of the HB-OCWA is to inspire amateur radio operators in Switzerland and elsewhere to increase CW activity on the HF bands. The intent of the award is to encourage and reward them for conducting sustained CW conversations rather than short-duration CW signal reports.

The promoter and responsible entity for the award is the Helvetia Telegraphy Club HTC.

HB-OCWA encourages CW contacts between and with licensed individual amateur radio operators with Swiss callsigns. Clubs - in particular HB9HC and HB9HTC - are also allowed to participate, but they must register under the name of the club, not an individual (and thus a QSO made with a club callsign does not qualify for the operator's total). Amateur radio operators and clubs from other countries who register on the website are welcome to participate and qualify for the awards under the same conditions. In this regard, for a QSO to qualify as counting towards an award, at least one of the stations must have a Swiss callsign (HB3, HB4, HB9). These callsigns count for the award even if they are operating mobile, portable or in another country (i.e. EA1/HB9xxx).

This award program was initiated on January 1, 2020, and will continue until December 31, 2021. Participating stations/operators must register and report confirmed contacts as described below.   

How to register:
HB-OCWA participants register on line at  hb-ocwa.ch


QSOs are to be logged on the HB-OCWA website. To qualify for an award, QSOs must have a duration of at least 10 minutes. Both stations must log the QSO on the website. The starting timestamps (UTC) of each station's logged QSO must match each other within 10 minutes.

The first award level is issued after 40 approved QSOs. At that time, any participating ham can download, free of charge, the HB-OCWA Award directly from the website. There are also awards available for 100, 250, 500 and 1000 QSOs. The QSOs are reset at the beginning of each calendar year, so all award levels can be worked again from the beginning of each new year.

Overall Men
Overall Men
Overall Female
Overall Female

17. HST world championships 2020

The 17th highspeed telegraphy world championships 2020 in Sofia were officially cancelled on 04.11.2020.  Terms and conditions of the 2021 world championships will be announced later.

Republic of Belarus HST Championship 2020 in Brest

The Republic of Belarus highspeed telegraphy championship took place from 1. to 4. october 2020 in the city of Brest. The competition was attended by athletes from Minsk, Brest, Borisov, Svetlogorsk and Mogilev. This championship became the last one in 2020 for the members of the Belarus HST national team.

Congratulations to the winners and hopefully we can meet them at the events in 2021.

The winners of each category:

  • Oleg Ostrovski, 758,7 points, males over 38 years
  • Sergei Shvedko, 795,0 points, males open class
  • Roman Filaniuk, 716,5 points, junior males under 21 years
  • Vladislav Patramenko, 773,5 points, boys under 16 years
  • Irina Tschuikevich, 778,4 points, females over 38 years
  • Anna Shewelenka, 782,6 points, females open class
  • Anastasia Begunova, 754,0 points, females under 21 years
  • Victoria Jarovich, 793, 2 points, girls under 16 years

Many thanks for this information to Irina Kovalevskaya and Jelena Jakusheva.


Чемпионат Республики Беларусь по CPT 2020 в Бресте

С 1 по 4 октября в Бресте состоялись соревнования Чемпионат и Первенство Республики Беларусь по скоростной радиотелеграфии. В соревнованиях участвовало 4 команды и 30 спортсменов из Минска, Бреста, Борисова, Светлогорска и Могилёва. Данный Чемпионат стал крайним в соревновательном 2020 году для членов национальной сборной команда Республики Беларусь по скоростной радиотелеграфии.       


Директор СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту Ковалевская Ирина Юрьевна оценила высокий уровень мастерства всех участников соревнований: Победители в каждой категории:


  • Олег Островский, 758,7 балла, мужчины от 38 лет
  • Сергей Шведко, 795,0 балла, кобели открытый класс
  • Роман Филанюк, 716,5 балла, юниоры до 21 года
  • Владислав Патраменко, 773,5 балла, юноши до 16 лет
  • Ирина Чуйкевич, 778,4 балла, женщины от 38 лет
  • Анна Шевеленка, 782,6 балла, суки открытый класс
  • Анастасия Бегунова, 754,0 балла, девушки до 21 года
  • Виктория Ярович, 793 года, 2 балла, девочки до 16 лет
Большое спасибо за эту информацию Ирине Ковалевской и Елене Якушевой.                            


HST2011_Team Belarus
HST2012_Team Belarus
HST2013_Team Belarus
HST2016_Team Belarus
HST2018_Team Belarus
HST2019_Team Belarus

HST World Team Champions 1995 - 2019

15x Belarus, 1x Russia
2019 Belarus, 2018 Belarus, 2017 Belarus2016 Belarus, 2015 Belarus2013 Belarus2012 Belarus2011 Belarus, 2009 Belarus2007 Belarus2005 Belarus2003 Belarus, 2001 Belarus1999 Belarus1997 Belarus1995 Russia

все командные чемпионы мира HST 1995-2019

15x Беларусь, 1x Россия
2019 Беларусь, 2018 Беларусь, 2017 Беларусь, 2016 Беларусь, 2015 Беларусь, 2013 Беларусь, 2012 Беларусь, 2011 Беларусь, 2009 Беларусь, 2007 Беларусь, 2005 Беларусь, 2003 Беларусь, 2001 Беларусь, 1999 Беларусь, 1997 Беларусь, 1995 Россия


Covid 19 and Morse code in Switzerland

Due to the corona pandemic, there are no more Morse days in Switzerland for the time being. All news will be published here.

Wegen der Corona Pandemie werden in der Schweiz bis auf weiteres keine Morsetage mehr durchgeführt. Alle Neuigkeiten zum Thema werden hier veröffentlicht.

Из-за пандемии короны в Швейцарии больше не будут проводиться дни Морзе до дальнейшего уведомления. Все новости по теме будут публиковаться здесь.

Mount Mc Elroy

A mountain named after a telegraphy world champion!

Arctic Conquest Mount McElroy is a mountain at the west end of the Hutton Mountains, in southeastern Palmer Land, Antarctica. It was discovered and named by the Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition in 1947/48 led by Finn Ronne. The details of the expedition were published by Putnam’s Sons publishing house of New York in 1949. Ronne named the mountain for Theodore Roosevelt McElroy, who contributed the communication instruments for the expedition. "Ted" McElroy (1901 - 1963), was the World Champion Radio Telegrapher in the 1920´s and was recognized in the Guiness Book of World Record with the "Morse Highspeed Telegraphy World Record" in 1939. 

Гора Мак-Элрой, Гора названа в честь чемпиона мира по телеграфии!
Арктическое завоевание Гора МакЭлрой - гора в западном конце гор Хаттон, на юго-востоке Земли Палмера в Антарктиде. Он был обнаружен и назван Антарктической исследовательской экспедицией Ронне в 1947/48 году под руководством Финна Ронне. Подробности экспедиции были опубликованы нью-йоркским издательством Putnam’s Sons в 1949 году. Ронн назвал гору в честь Теодора Рузвельта Макэлроя, который предоставил средства связи для экспедиции. «Тед» Мак Элрой, живший с 1901 по 1963 год, был чемпионом мира по радиотелеграфу в 1921 году и был внесен в Книгу рекордов Гиннеса с «Мировым рекордом телеграфии Морзе в 1939 году».

Mount McElroy, ein Berg benannt nach einem Weltmeister der Morsetelegrafie!
Arctic Conquest Mount McElroy ist ein Berg am westlichen Ende der Hutton Mountains im südöstlichen Palmer Land in der Antarktis. Er wurde 1947 von der Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition unter der Leitung von Finn Ronne entdeckt und benannt. Die Details der Expedition wurden 1949 im New Yorker Verlag Putnam's und Söhne veröffentlicht. Ronne benannte den Berg nach Theodore Roosevelt McElroy, der Funkgeräte für die Expedition beisteuerte. "Ted" Mc Elroy (1901 - 1963) war in den 1920er Jahren Weltmeister im Hochgeschwindigkeitsmorsen und wurde 1939 als schnellster Morsetelegrafist ins Guiness Buch der Rekorde aufgenommen.



Russian HST Championship Rules
The rules of the Russian championship in highspeed radiotelegraphy (HST) are published on the website of SRR, the Russian amateur radio society.

Регламент первенства России по СРТ
Публикуется Регламент первенства России по радиоспорту (скоростная радиотелеграфия). Срок проведения — 24-27 октября 2020.

CW Morse training with SOTA chaser callsigns

 Want to improve your CW skills?

To simulate the conditions in a SOTA pile-up, HB9DQM wrote a nice script that picks callsigns from the 2019 SOTA* activators honour roll at random, choosing them in relation to their “Activators Worked” ranking. The idea is to hear frequent chasers more often while practicing, as in a real pile-up. It is a good idea and change  to the commen used "highspeed"-software like Rufz-XP or Morse runner. Note that you need a modern browser (HTML5) for the audio player to work.


*SOTA means "Summits On The Air" and is an award programm which supports amateur radio activity from mountains.  https://www.sota.org.uk/

CW training with SOTA callsigns by HB9DQM

Many thanks to Manuel Kasper HB9DQM for his good work.

HB9CBR/p Ortstock
HB9CRY/p Kronberg
HB9/F5HTR/p Mont Racine
HB9TVK/p Äugsterberg
EB2GKK/p Hornillo
HA2PP/p Mog-Szeg-Teto

17. IARU HST World Championship 2020 in Bulgaria

The 17th IARU High Speed Telegraphy World Championship is still scheduled for November 11-15, 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The organizers are following the development of the corona pandemic and will make a final decision on October 10, 2020.

17-й чемпионат мира по скоростной телеграфии IARU по-прежнему запланирован на 11-15 ноября 2020 года в Софии, Болгария. Организаторы следят за развитием пандемии короны и примут окончательное решение 10 октября 2020 года.

Russian HST championships 2020 in Penza

From August 26th to 30th 2020 the Russian radio-sports championship in highspeed radio telegraphy took place. 38 athletes from seven regions of Russia took part in the competition which was held in Penza.
Team results:
1. place - Penza region - 6,275.3 points.
2. place - Sverdlovsk region - 5333.2 points
3. place - St. Petersburg - 4084.2 points.

Russian champions in the individual competition were athletes from the Sverdlovsk region, Omari Sadukov UA4FFP and Anna Sadukova RA4FVL.

Many thanks to Elvira Aryutkina UA4FJ for the information and photos.

Чемпионат России по скоростной радиотелеграфии 2020 в Пензе

С 26 по 30 августа на базе Пензенской СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту состоялся Чемпионат России по скоростной радиотелеграфии. В соревнованиях приняли участие 38 спортсменов из семи регионов России. 

Командные места распределились следующим образом:
1 место - Пензенская область - 6275,3 очка. 
2 место - Свердловская область - 5333,2 очка
3 место - г. Санкт-Петербург - 4084,2 очка.

Чемпионами России в личном зачёте стали спортсмены из Свердловской области МСМК Омари Садуков  и МСМК Анна Садукова.

Большое спасибо Эльвире Арюткиной UA4FJ за информацию и фотографии.

16. IARU HST world championships Albena 2019

On YouTube you can find a nice film about last year´s world championship in Bulgaria. Starring LZ3NN, Victor Zenkov, president of Bulgarian federation of radio amateurs and many competitors.

Summits on the air (SOTA)

Summits on the air is an award programm to promote amateur radio activations from mountains around the world. Within these days it is a good joyce to go out with your radio equipment and practice your telegraphy skills. Take a light weight key and communicate around the world for fun. To get more informations have a look on their activity website:  https://sotawatch.sota.org.uk/

17. IARU HST world championship 2020 in Bulgaria

  • On July 7th the announcement of a possible 17th IARU highspeed telegraphy world championship arrived. It is planned for November 11. to 15. 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Please have a look to the Bulletin #1 below and remember that everything depends on the development of the Covid-19 crisis.
  • 7 июля поступило объявление о возможном 17-м чемпионате мира по скоростной телеграфии IARU. Планируется с 11 по 15 ноября 2020 года в Софии, Болгария. Пожалуйста, посмотрите на Бюллетень № 1 ниже и помните, что все зависит от развития кризиса Covid-19.
  • Am 7. Juli traf die Ankündigung einer möglichen 17. IARU-Hochgeschwindigkeits-Telegraphie-Weltmeisterschaft ein. Sie ist geplant für den 11. bis 15. November 2020 in Sofia, Bulgarien. Bitte werfen Sie einen Blick auf das Bulletin Nr. 1 und denken Sie daran, dass die Durchführung  von der Entwicklung der Covid-19-Krise abhängt.


New entry in Morse Runner Toplist

Welcome and congrats to Laci HA7JTR / HA7I for his first entry into the Morse Runner Toplist with 2714 points.

HST world championships 2020

After the cancellation of the world HST in Mongolia could be a little possibility of running the world HST in between August and September 2020 in Europe. All depends on the development of the Corona pandemic and the national rules around Covid-19. Stay tuned and hope for the best.  

USKA Hamfest 2020 cancelled

The Hamfest organized by the Swiss radio club USKA had to be cancelled because of to many "Covid-19 regulations" for such event. Also the planned CW-contest by Helvetia Telegraphy Contest will not take part.


QSLs from Serbian HST

Many thanks to Helmut OE1TKW, who sent me the special event QSL-cards from the IARU HST championships in Serbia 2004 and 2007.

13th Europe's cup and 8th Balkan HST Championships 2020 in Elbasan, Albania

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 13th Europe's cup and 8th Balkan HST are postponed until further notice. All information about a new date will be published on this webside (May 09. 2020).

Friends and participants of HST


New highspeed telegraphy website by DJ1YFK

This website was established in March 2020 to serve as a hub to concentrate QRQ activities on 3567 kHz. It's meant to encourage everyone to join us on 3567 kHz and practice highspeed telegraphy. Offer a simple way to communicate with other users via a shout box. Provide links and further information about high speed telegraphy.


News for the 13. Europe´s HST Cup / 8. Balkan HST Championships in Alabania 2020

The 13. Europe´s HST Cup and 8. Balkan HST Championships in Albania planned for May 2020 are postponed until better conditions. (09.04.2020)

Чемпионаты ЕС и Балкан по CPT, запланированные на май 2020 года, были перенесены на более поздний срок из-за текущих событий. (09.04.2020)

Die für Mai 2020 geplanten EU und Balkan HST Meisterschaften wurden aus aktuellem Anlass auf einen späteren Zeitpunkt verschoben. (09.04.2020)

COVID-19 in 2020

Due to the current occurrences and the protective measures due to the Corona Virus, all activities and planning for international HST championships have been temporarily stopped. The next steps will be discussed within the IARU HST Working Group at the end of April 2020. News will be announced here promptly. I wish all readers all the best and a quick end to this difficult time.

Aufgrund der aktuellen Vorkomnisse und die Schutzmassnahmen wegen dem Corona Virus sind alle Aktivitäten und Planungen für internationale HST Meisterschaften vorläufig gestoppt. Über das weitere Vorgehen wird erste wieder Ende April 2020 innerhalb der IARU HST Working Group gesprochen. Neuigkeiten werden hier zeitnah bekanntgegeben. Ich wünsche allen Lesern alles Gute und ein schnelles Ende dieser schweren Zeit.

В связи с текущими событиями и защитными мерами, связанными с вирусом короны, все мероприятия и планирование международных чемпионатов по HST были временно прекращены. Следующие шаги будут обсуждаться в рабочей группе IARU HST в конце апреля 2020 года. Новости будут объявлены здесь в кратчайшие сроки. Желаю всем читателям всего наилучшего и скорейшего окончания этого трудного времени.

Morse summit 2020 in Shime-city cancelled

Due to the current situation around COVID-19, the Morse meeting in Shima-City, planned for April 29./30. 2020 by A1Club is unfortunately canceled. The organizers very much regret this and ask for your understanding.  https://a1club.net/summit/english.html

Morse summit in Shime-city abgesagt

Aufgrund der aktuellen Situation um COVID-19 ist das für den 29./30. April 2020 geplant Morse-Treffen des A1 Club in Shima-City leider abgesagt worden. Die Organisatoren bedauern dies sehr und bitten um Ihr Verständnis.  https://a1club.net/summit/english.html

17. IARU HST world championships 2020 cancelled

The 17. HST world championships in Mongolia planned for August 2020 are cancelled due of the coronavirus. There could be a championship in another country in late 2020. If Mongolia will be hosting the 2021 HST world championships will be a decision of the IARU HST working group and the Mongolian Radio Sports Federation MRSF. https://www.iaru-r1.org/about-us/committees-and-working-groups/hst/hst-news/

17. IARU HST Weltmeisterschaften 2020 abgesagt 

Aufgrund der aktuellen Lage rund um das Corona Virus fällt die für August 2020 in der Mongolei geplante HST WM leider aus. Die HST WM 2020 wird nach Möglichkeit in der zweiten Jahreshälfte in einem anderen Land ausgetragen. Ob die Mongolei die WM im Jahre 2021 durchführen wird liegt in der Entscheidung der IARU HST Working Group und der Mongolian Radio Sport Federation.

17-й чемпионат мира IARU HST 2020

чемпионаты мира, к сожалению, были отменены из-за появления вируса короны. Если возможно, будет выполнен поиск новой встречи в другом месте.

German Telegraphy Trophy 2020 cancelled

Due to the protective measures against the corona virus, the CW weekend and the German Telegraphy Cup planned for April 4, 2020 in Erbenhausen are unfortunately cancelled. If there is another date later this year will be announced here.

Deutscher Telegraphy Pokal (DTP) 2020 abgesagt 

Aufgrund der Schutzmaßnahmen vor dem Corona Virus fällt das für den 3./4. April 2020 geplante CW Wochenende und damit auch der Deutsche Telegraphy Pokal in Erbenhausen leider aus. Ob  es zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt einen Ersatztermin gibt, wird hier bekanntgegeben.


Кубок немецкой телеграфии 2020

Из-за защитных мер против вируса короны, к сожалению, выходные CW и Кубок немецкой телеграфии, запланированные на 4 апреля 2020 года в Эрбенхаузене, отменены.

Every participant has a great chance to win a fantastic lottery prize in the HB-OCWA activity for 2020

To mark the 40 th anniversary of the Helvetia Telegraphy Club (HTC) and to inspire amateur radio operators in Switzerland and elsewhere to increase Morse Code activity on the HF bands, we are pleased to invite CW fans around the world to join us during 2020 in a stimulating activity.

We have set up a website dedicated just to this activity: hbcw.ch.

HB-OCWA involves CW contacts among amateur radio operators with Swiss callsigns as well as contacts with hams in other countries. Indeed, radio amateurs from outside Switzerland are very welcome to register and then participate – but in order for them to reach the number of QSOs needed to receive an attractive award certificate and qualify for a prize draw at the end of the program, each 2-way CW contact for this program must include an operator with a Swiss callsign.

Among the lottery prizes to be drawn at the conclusion of our anniversary year, we have transceivers (KX3, KX1, PFR3, ATS4b), Begali paddles (Sculpture, Adventure) and a range of technical books. The full list of prizes is available at  https://hb-ocwa.ch/lotteri.php.

Because our goal is to encourage casual conversations on the air, these contacts must be far more than "599 TU" and must last for at least 10 minutes. Additionally, both stations must log the contact in the online logbook at hbcw.ch for the QSO to count for points. The HB-OCWA program will be in effect for the entire 2020 calendar year (Jan 1 through Dec 31) so as to give participants the most possible time to make as many QSOs as possible that qualify for the program.

Recommended frequencies (kHz): 1835-1840, 3535-3540, 7035-7040, 10125-10130, 14035-14040, 18085-18090, 21035-21040, 24905-24910 and 28035-28040. However, participants are encouraged to focus on the HTC watering hole / Morse Code broadcast frequencies of 3569, 7033 and 14062.

Many thanks for the information to HB9DST/AA1MI.


3. HST Memorial Vito Vetrano IN3VST is CANCELLED

The HST Memorial Vito Vetrano competiton planned for March 14th 2020 is cancelled. Because of the current protective measures against the corona virus, the Fiera Montichiari postponed the "Fiera dell´Elettronica" to September 5./6. 2020. We will inform here If the HST competition will be hold then.




HST Russia, HST Belarus

Due to the limited amount of data and the low level of interest, I deleted the pages from HST Russia and HST Belarus. HST friends from these countries can find specific informations on the websites of their national amateur radio societies.

For Russia on https://srr.ru/tag/srt/ and for Belarus on http://radiosport.by/


All HST news from Russia, Belarus and any other country can still be found on my website: 


Cup of Russia 2020

The Cup of Russia in highspeed radio telegraphy will be held from 27. to 29. March 2020 in Yoshkar-Ola, the capital city of the Mari El republic. The rules of this competition are published on the website of the Russian Radio Club SRR  https://srr.ru/22953-2-2-2/

Die Wettbewerbe um den russischen Pokal der Hochgeschwindigkeitstelegrafie finden vom 27. bis 29. März statt. Austragungsort ist die Stadt Joschkar-Ola in der Republik Mari El am Ufer des Wolga Nebenflusses "Kleine Kokschaga" gelegen. Die genauen Ausschreibungen findet man auf der Webseite des Russischen Radio Club SRR.  https://srr.ru/22953-2-2-2/

Кубка России по радиоспорту (скоростная радиотелеграфия) .
состоятся в Йошкар-Оле в период с 27 марта по 29 марта  и с 29 марта по 31 марта 2020 г. соответственно. Утверждены и публикуются регламенты всероссийских соревнований по радиоспорту (скоростная телеграфия).

Yoshkar Ola (Wikipedia)Von Messir - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=61781469



13. Europe´s HST Cup

8. Balkan HST Championships

Elbasan, Republic of Albania, 08. - 12.05.2020

Info-Bulletin #1 is published on 26.01.2020  http://highspeedtelegraphy.com/albania2020/Bulletin-1

HTC "FUN" Morse Competition

Fun morse competition of the Helvetia Telegraphy Club with the new software from HB9HQX (Morsen V7). Everyone is invited to take part in the HTC "FUN" Morse competition. HTC welcomes you after the HTC general assembly on February 8th, 2020 at 14:00 local time in the Restaurant Traube in Küttigen or at the USKA Hamfest on August 15th, 2020 in Cham.

HTC Plausch Morse-Wettbewerb 

Plausch-Morsewettbewerb des Helvetia Telegraphy Club mit der neuen Software von HB9HQX Morsen V7. Jeder ist eingeladen beim HTC Plausch Morsewettbewerb mittzumachen. Jeweils nach der HTC Generalversammlung am 08.02.2020 um 14:00 im Restaurant Traube in Küttigen oder am USKA Hamfest am 15.08.2020 in Cham.

https://hb9htc.clubdesk.com/hb9htc6/40_jahre_htc/plausch_morsen   https://www.hamfest2020.ch/

3. HST Memorial Vito Vetrano IN3VST

On March 14th 2020 from 10:00 to 16:00 the Italian Telegraphy Club will organize the 3rd HST Memorial Vito Vetrano IN3VST at the Expo Radiantistica Expo in Montichiari. Six computers will be available for the competition. The contest will consist three tests; Morse Runner, RufzXP and one transmission test (letters only). The first placed of every category will receive a plaque, the second and third medals. The competiton will take place according the rules of the HST IARU championship. The award ceremony will take place during the dinner on Saturday. Competitors who take part on all three tests will participate at a raffle offered by Piero Begali factory. Other prizes will be drawn among all participants.
The format of the competition will be simple and will include only two tests, as follows:
RufzXP - the winner gets 100 points, the rest proportionately less.
Morse Runner - the winner gets 100 points, the rest proportionately less.
Transmission - the competitor will have ten minutes to perform three tests. The best will be worth for the ranking. The competitor can choose the transmission speed and the test will start by typing "V" three times consecutively and then an "=". He will have one minute of time for each of the three tests. The test involves not making more than three errors and three corrections. According to official rules, the winner gets 100 points, the rest proportionately less.
Sponsors of the event are Officina Begali, Guerra Computer, Radiokit Elettronica, ARI Brescia, Centro Fiera Montichiari.

Many thanks for the information to the organizer Fabrizio Fabi IK2UIQ.

Der "Italian Telegraphy Club" führt am 14.03.2020 zum dritten Mal den Wettbewerb "HST Memorial Vito Vetrano IN3VST" durch. Dies geschieht in Erinnerung an den bekannten Telegrafisten IN3VST im Rahmen der Messe "Fiera Radiantistica Expo" in Montechiari. Der Wettbewerb besteht aus den drei Kategorien, Morse Runner, RufzXP und Tasten (Transmitting) von Buchstaben. Der Erstplatzierte jeder Kategorie erhält eine Plakette, die zweit- und drittplatzierten erhalten Medaillen. Der Wettbewerb findet anhand der Regeln der HST IARU Meisterschaften statt. Die Preisverleihung findet am Samstag während des Abendessens statt. Alle  Teilnehmer nehmen an einer Tombola teil.
Sponsoren der Veranstaltung: Officina Begali, Guerra Computer, Radiokit Elettronica, Ari Brescia, Centro Fiera Montichiari.
Vielen Dank für die Information an den Veranstalter Fabrizio Fabi IK2UIQ.

17th IARU HST world championships 2020
Mongolian Radio Sport Federation (MRSF) is pleased to invite HST competitors and guests from all over the World to the 17th IARU HST World Championship which will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in August of 2020.

  • Dates of the Championship: 20-24 August, 2020
  • Event Venue: Grand Hill Hotel, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
  • Schedules:
  • August 20 (Thu.) arrivals, registration, opening ceremony.
  • August 21 (Fri.) RX, TX, MR & RUFZ competition, awarding ceremony.
  • August 22 (Sat.) RX, TX, MR & RUFZ competition, awarding ceremony
  • August 23 (Sun.) excursion day, awarding ceremony, farewell party.
  • August 24 (Mon.) departure

All the news can be find on this website:  http://mrsf.mn/eng/pages/hst2020

Swiss Morse Day 2020

The first of the Swiss Morse Day´s of 2020 will be held in Kappel bei Wangen on January 18th 2020. It is organized by HB9HVG and open to all interested who now already the base of Morse code. If you are interested to participate send an e-mail to hb9csa(at)uska.ch

Der erste Schweizer Morsetag im Jahr 2020 findet am 18. Januar 2020 in Kappel bei Wangen statt. Organisiert wird er wie gewohnt von HB9HVG. Teilnehmen können alle Interessierten welche die Grundlagen der Morsetelegrafie beherrschen. Bei Fragen oder Anmeldung einfach eine E-Mail an hb9csa(at)uska.ch


HST Europe´s cup / Balkan championships Albania 2020

Televizioni Skampa from Albania informed on their TV channel about the first ever international HST competition taking place in Albania. An interesting interview with Fatos Demeti (ZA1F), general-secretary of the Albanian Radio Amateurism Federation (ARF). The Europe HST Cup / Balkan HST championships will be held from 8. - 12. May 2020 in of Elbasan. The city of Elbasan is situated in the central part of Albania, about 60 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea. It is well-known for it's long history, the spring festival 'Dita e Verës' on March 14th every year and the traditional cookies 'Ballokumja'.

Europe´s HST cup and 8th Balkan HST championships in Elbasan, Albania 2020

The 13th Europe´s HST cup and 8th Balkan HST championships will be held for the first time in Albania. The event will take place from 8. - 12. May 2020 in the Hotel Imperial in Elbasan, Albania. More informations will follow soon.

Website of the region:  https://elbasani.gov.al/sq-al/Pages/default.aspx

Website of the hotel:  http://www.imperialih.al/page/index.html


Photo from Albinfo - Eigenes Werk, CC-BY 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=62992040

10 years of CW Operators Club

During the month of January 2020 the CW Operators Club (CWops) will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a universal QSO party, the CWOps 10th Anniversary celebration. The celebration is a full month of activity where special call signs are used and CWops members are looking to make QSOs with both members and non-members. In Germany the calls DQ10CWO and DR10CWO will be operated by DJ1OJ, DJ1YFK, DK1WI, DK4LX, DK5KK, DK9PY, DL1IAO, DL4FDM (HB9CSA) DL5DBY, DL6KVA and DL9ABM. Have a look on the website of CWOps:

 10 Jahre CW Operators Club
Im Januar 2020 feiert der CW Operators Club (CWops) sein 10-jähriges Bestehen. Im Rahmen einer QSO-Party werden viele spezielle Rufzeichen benutzt um möglichst viele Verbindungen Mitgliedern und Nichtmitgliedern zu tätigen.
In Deutschland werden die Rufzeichen DQ10CWO und DR10CWO aktiviert. Operator sind: DJ1OJ, DJ1YFK, DK1WI, DK4LX, DK5KK, DK9PY, DL1IAO, DL1REM, DL4FDM (HB9CSA), DL5DBY, DL6KVA und DL9ABM. Mehr Informationen findet man auf der Webseite von CWOps:  


Japan Morse Summit 2020

Seasons greetings from  Japan "A1 CLUB". In the coming year 2020, we will support the big gathering of CW lovers in Japan "Morse Summit 2020".
If you have a chance to visit Japan around end May 2020, you are most welcome to join. Please refer to the following page for details.
The domain name of A1 CLUB website has been changed to https://a1club.org
All the best in 2020, 73 & 88 from A1CLUB
https://a1club.org  in japanese; https://jo1zzz.blogspot.com/ in english.
Founder & Secretary of A1 CLUB and admin-trv@a1club.org
Atsu Taniguchi, JE1TRV/JS2AHG

17th IARU HST world championships 2020

The 17th HST world championships in Mongolia will be hold in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar from 20. to 24. August 2020. Stay tuned for new informations on their website: http://www.mrsf.mn/pages/main-page

UlaanbaatarVon Zazaa Mongolia - Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45568112

17. IARU HST Weltmeisterschaft 2020
Die 17. IARU Telegrafie Hochgeschwindigkeits (HST) Weltmeisterschaften finden vom 20. bis 24. August 2020 erstmals in der Mongolei statt. Die Titelkämpfe werden durch den mongolischen Verband MRSAF in der Haupstadt Ulaabaatar durchgeführt. Regelmäßige Neuigkeiten findet man auf der Webseite des Organisators: http://www.mrsf.mn/pages/main-page

17-й чемпионат мира IARU HST 2020
Веб-сайт 17-го чемпионата мира по футболу в Монголии был запущен MRSAF. Мероприятие состоится 20-24 августа 2020 года в столице страны Улан-Баторе. Следите за новостями на их сайте:


Romanian national telegraphy championships 2020

  • The romanian telegraphy championships will be hold from 3. to 6. april 2020. The event will take part in Izvoru Mureșului, a village in the Harghita county, Transylvania, Romania. It is located at the southern foot of the Giurgeului mountains at an altitude of 880 m, about 35 km north from Miercurea Ciuc.
  • Die nächsten rumänischen Telegrafiemeisterschaften finden vom 3. bis 6. April 2020 statt. Die Veranstaltung findet in Izvoru Mureșului statt, einem Dorf im Kreis Harghita, Siebenbürgen, Rumänien. Es liegt am südlichen Fuße des Giurgeului Gebirges auf einer Höhe von 880 m, etwa 35 km nördlich von Miercurea Ciuc.
  • Следующий чемпионат Румынии по телеграфии пройдет с 3 по 6 апреля 2020 года. Мероприятие проходит в Извору Мурешулуй, деревне в округе Харгита, Трансильвания, Румыния. Он расположен у южного подножия гор Джурджелуй на высоте 880 м, примерно в 35 км к северу от Меркуря-Чук.

Primorye Rayon HST championships in Vladivostok 

The festival of radio sports took place on November 2, 2019 in Vladivostok. A year ago all this seemed impossible, the official competition of highspeed radio operators in Primorye. For the first time after a ten-year break for the championship the fastest telegraphists of Primorye gathered. The regional branch of the SRR in the Primorye territory managed to combine the human and material resources of the Pacific fleet, the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Primorsky territory, the border directorate of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the Primorsky Territory, DOSAAF of Russia, the regional administration and the system of additional education for children. The main goal of the competition was to attract young people to radio sports and amateur radio.

In the building of the RO DOSAAF Russia of the Primorsky Territory, four work-rooms were organized for the participants of the competition:

  • Radiogram reception room, equipped with a computer, amplifier, wiring with sockets and equipped with head phones.
  • Radiogram transmission room, equipped with simple and automatic keys
  • The room for computer exercises (RUFZ and MorseRunner) was equipped laptops.
  • Room for training and relaxation of participants.

Telegraph keys were kindly provided by Andrei Konstantinovich Basalaev (RA0LFN), the award "paraphernalia" was made with funds from the Russian Federation SRR in the Primorsky territory.

  • The jury members of the competition were all active radio-amateurs of Russian radio-club SRR.
  • Receiving: Igor Artemyev (RW0M), Alexander Morozov (RU0LM), Pavel Kolomeets (RC0L).
  • Transmitting: Yuri Kovalevsky (R0MZ), Oleg Pervov (RW0LL), Vladimir Miroshnichenko (UA0LCZ).
  • RufzXP, Morserunner: Alexander Sidelnikov (RW0LFE), Alexander Kulev (RW0LGR), Vladimir Burakov (UA0LE).

In the championship of Primorye territory, these are the winners:

  1. Nurik Vladislav
  2. Dmitry Kovalenko
  3. Anastasia Korotkova

The telegraph key from Alexander Kozhukalov (RA0LGW) went to the talented junior Anatoly Yanchenkov.
All winners are members of the Varyag children's Flotilla practice group.

Primorye territory HST championship 2019, these are the winners:
Category women:

  1. Gavrilenko Naila;
  2. Medvedev Raisa;
  3. Shtanenkova Maria;

Category men:

  1. Seredintsev Artem;
  2. Bulgakov Alexey;
  3. Nikolai Komandykov;

Gavrilenko Naila wun the HST champions trophy of Primorsky Krai.

Category teams:

  1. Russian Pacific Fleet.
  2. Federal Security Service of Russia in the Primorsky Territory.
  3. PU FSB of Russia in the Primorsky Territory.

Many thanks for the report to Alexander Morozov RU0LM.


Mongolia HST 2019 championship organized by MRSF on 30th of November 2019

The Mongolia HST championship 2019 took part in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar on November 30th 2019. The used software was HST2006, ZEUS, RufzXP and Morserunner. The equipment used were 13 labtops.

Categories: F Males, E and G Females.

Competition events: RX, TX, RUFZ and Morse Runner.

Each event Winners received Medals and Awards.

The winners by overall results received medals, awards and cash prizes.

Here are the overall individual winners.


Females category E:

  1. Orlogo Naidansuren
  2. Tugsjargal Tsogtbaatar
  3. Anhtsetseg Tsogzolmaa


Females category G:

  1. Buyantogtoh Sambuudorj
  2. Tserenlham Jambaldorj
  3. Lhamdulam Lhaasuren


Males category F:

  1. Mungunzul Bazarragchaa
  2. Erdenetulga Tsagaanhuu
  3. Darhanbayar Ch

Many thanks for the information to Batu JT1CS.


HB9DHG and Z32TO operated from the Sultanate of Oman

Fulvio Galli HB9DHG and Oliver Tabakovski Z32TO together with the A47RS team activated the special callsign A44A from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman during the CQ-World-Wide-DX CW contest on November 23. and 24. 2019. They achieved an excellent result with many thousands of contacts around the globe. Congratulations!

QSL via A47RS.  http://roars.om/

HST contest in St.Petersburg 2019

From October 31. to November 04. 2019 the all-Russian competitions in radio highspeed telegraphy took place in the city of St.Petersburg. This is the final competition of the 2019 russian sports season. Thanks info to Elvira UA4FJ.

  • Category teams:
  1. Penza region
  2. Moscow region 
  3. City of St. Petersburg

  • Category junior males:
  1. Artem Melkin (Moscow region)
  2. Pavel Chernov (Penza region)
  3. Sergey Kovryga (St. Petersburg)

  • Category juniors ladies:
  1. Elena Malysheva Elena (Penza region)
  2. Xenia Spiridonova (St. Petersburg)
  3. Xenia Emelyanova (Moscow region)

  • Category boys:
  1. Matvey Shilchikov (Penza region)
  2. Fedor Sosin (Moscow region)
  3. Igor Mazurenko (St. Petersburg)

  • Category girls:
  1. Ekaterina Zharova (St. Petersburg)
  2. Elizaveta Ivakhnenko (Moscow region)
  3. Kira Zharova (St. Petersburg)

Deutscher Telegrafie Pokal 2020

Das CW Wochenende von AGCW und HSC findet nächstes Jahr vom 3. bis 5. April 2020 im Hotel Eisenacher Haus in Erbenhausen statt. Der Deutsche Telegrafie Pokal wird wie früher üblich am Samstag (04.04.2020) ausgetragen.


German telegraphy trophy 2020

The German CW weekend will be held from April 3rd to 5th 2020. The location is the Berghotel Eisenacher Haus in Erbenhausen. The German telegraphy trophy (DTP) will take place on Saturday April 4th 2020.


Hotel Eisenacher Haus, ErbenhausenPhoto HB9CSA

HSC contest 2020

The next HSC contest will be on February 23, 2020 under new rules. Most important is the change to one period only from 15:00 to 18:00 utc. More infos on this website or on  http://www.highspeedclub.org/

Highspeed telegraphy (HST) in Mongolia

MRSF sponsors and organizes four HST events annually; Ulaanbaatar and Mongolian HST championships, international women’s day HST event and young telegraphist event for beginners.

The Ulaanbaatar HST championships were held on the 25th of May 2019.

Categories: females and males.
Modes: RX, TX, Morse Runner and RUFZ.
Software: HST2006, ZEUS, Morse runner, RufzXP.
The winners of each modes received a medal and a certificate.

The winners of the male category  (TX, RX, Morse Runner, RUFZ):
1st place Chinzorig Enhjargal
2nd place Batchuluun Hurelbaatar
3rd place Battur Purev

The winners of the female category (TX, RX, Morse Runner, RUFZ):
1st place Lhamdulam Lhaasuren
2nd place Tugsjargal Tsogtbaatar
3rd place Uchralbayar Batbayar.
The overall winners of the male and female categories received medals, certificates and prizes.  All teams also received medals, certificates and prizes. A team consisted of one female and two male competitors.
The next Mongolian HST championships will take part on November 30, 2019. Many thanks for the information to Bat-Erdene Zevgee, JT1CS, secretary and award manager of MRSF.  www.mrsf.mn

International Women`s day HST event in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2019

On March 6, 2019 a Mongolian highspeed telegraphy competition for women was held in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Congratulations to all participants and the medal winners listed below. Many thanks Bat-Erdene Zevgee JT1CS for the information and pictures. 

1st place Orlogo Naidansuren, 2nd place Uchralbayar Batbayar, 3rd place Anhtsetseg Tsogzolmaa.


HST women competition Ulaanbaatar 20191st place Orlogo Naidansuren, 2nd place Uchralbayar Batbayar, 3rd place Anhtsetseg Tsogzolmaa.
Mongolian women HST competition 2019The participants of the mongolian women HST competition 2019 in Ulaanbaatar

New RufzXP toplist record for women

Teodora Karastoyanova (Getzova) LZ2CWW, set a new female toplist record! She reached 293'877 points with a maximum speed of 943 cpm / 195 wpm. In May 2019 at european highspeed telegraphy championships in Bucharest she already set her official female world record to 286'944 points. If you are interested to hear the sound of 200 wpm have a look on Mathias Kolpe DL4MM's webside:  http://www.rufzxp.net/

Many congratulations! Честито!

Alexandru Coca Pavlic YO8SS silent key

With deep sadness we take note of the dead of our good friend Alexandru Coca Pavlic YO8SS at the age of 65 years on september 29th 2019. Coca was a highspeed world champion, a gentleman and a master of telegraphy. We will miss him but we are happy to have known him.

Heartfelt condolences to his family. Very 73 and rest in peace dear Coca.

YO8SS Alexandru Coca Pavlic

17th IARU HST world championships 2020 in Mongolia

By decision of the IARU hst working group in Albena, the 17th IARU highspeed telegraphy world championships will be organized by MRSF, the Mongolian radio sport federation in the city of Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) Mongolia in August or September 2020. More news you will find on this site or on the homepage of MRSF.
  • Batu-Erdene Zevgee, Mongolia
  • Diploma 60 years Mongolia
  • Mongolia flag

First Slovenian HST championships 2019

The first Slovenian HST competition was held on 17th September 2019 in Nemcavci. It was a  qualifying competition for the 16th World championship in Varna, Bulgaria.
There were three participants: Mirko S51RE, Ray S54X and Gabor S57WJ. The competition was held during a hamfest. It was also a promotion of high speed telegraphy in Slovenia.

From left to right S54X, S57WJ, S51RE

Many thanks Gabor S57WJ for the info.

USKA 90 years celebration


On August 17th the 90 years jubilee of the Swiss amateur radio society USKA was held in the Casino of Zug. Participants were HB9AGA, HB9AJP, HB9BJL, HB9BQI, HB9BQW, HB9CSA, HB9DHG, HB9EDG, HB9HVG and HB9HVW. Many visitors were pleased to meet the Swiss telegrafists and tried to use a morse-key and listen to the RUFZ-XP or Morse runner software. The board of USKA congratulated Fulvio HB9DHG and Fritz HB9CSA with  certificates of honor for their success at the highspeed telegraphy world championships in Astana.     


Russian highspeed telegraphy championships 2019

From June 28 to July 2, 2019 the Russian highspeed telegraphy championships took place in the city of Penza. The competition was attended by 70 athletes from ten regions of Russia.

In the team contest of the senior category the first place went to the sports team of the Penza region with 5477.7 points. On the second place was the team of the Sverdlovsk region with 5472.1 points and the third place went to the crew from the Novosibirsk region with 1112.5 poins.

Russian champions are in the category males Evgeny Pashnin (RV9CPV)) and in the category females Anna Sadukova (RA4FVL).

In the team championship of Russia, category juniors, the first place went to team  Moscow region (2570.2 points), the second place to team Kemerovo region (2531.2 points) and the third place to the team of the Penza region (2476.0 points).

Artem Melkin (UB3DPG) from Moscow region, Elena Malysheva (R4F-55) from  Penza region, Tristan Dvalishvili from Krasnodar territory, and Anastasia Grigorieva representing the Altai territory became the winners of the individual competitions in their age groups.

For the best result in the championship of Russia in high-speed radio telegraphy, Artyom Melkin (UB3DPG) was awarded the prize of the president of the union of radio amateurs of Russia (SRR).

Accurate results will be published soon on the "RUSSIAN" part of this website.

*Thanks for the information to Elvira Aryutkina UA4FJ.

В Пензе определились сильнейшие «скоростники» страны

В период с 28 июня по 02 июля на базе Пензенской СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту состоялись чемпионат и первенство России по радиоспорту в спортивной дисциплине «скоростная радиотелеграфия». В соревнованиях приняли участие 70 спортсменов из десяти регионов России.

Анна Садукова RA4FVL и Евгений Пашнин RV9CPV

В Чемпионате России первое командное место у спортивной команды Пензенской области (5477,7), второе — у Свердловской области (5472,1), третье — у Новосибирской области (1112,5).
Чемпионами России стали Евгений Пашнин (RV9CPV)) и Анна Садукова (RA4FVL).

В первенстве России первое командное место у Московской области (2570,2), второе — у Кемеровской области (2531,2), третье — у Пензенской области (2476,0).

Победителями соревнований в личном зачёте в своих возрастных группах стали Артём Мелькин (UB3DPG) из Подмосковья, Елена Малышева (R4F-55) из Пензенской области, Тристан Двалишвили из Краснодарского края, а также Анастасия Григорьева, представлявшая Алтайский край.

За лучший результат в первенстве России по скоростной радиотелеграфии Артём Мелькин (UB3DPG) награждён призом Президента Союза Радиолюбителей России. Точные результаты будут скоро опубликованы в «РУССКОЙ» части этого сайта.

*Спасибо за информацию Эльвире Арюткиной UA4FJ

HST cup of Russia in Yekaterinburg

From March 28. to April 1. 2019 the HST cup of Russia took place in the city of Yekaterinburg. The competition was attended by 60 athletes from 9 regions of Russia.

Team results cup of Russia:
  1.  Sverdlovsk region
  2. Penza region
  3. St. Petersburg

Team results all -Russian competition:

  1. Altai Territory
  2. Moscow region
  3. Kemerovo region

Results single categories:

  • Evgeny Pashnin (RV9CPV) - 1. place men
  • Anna Sadukova (RA4FVL) - 1. place women
  • Artyom Melkin (UB3DPG) - 1. place juniors men
  • Elena Malysheva (R4F-73) - 1. place juniors women
  • Matvey Shilchikov (R4F-55) - 1. place young men
  • Anastasia Grigorieva (R9Y-011) - 1st young girls

Info from SRR via Elvira Aryutkina (UA4FJ)


Кубок России и ВС по СРТ в Екатеринбурге 2019

В период с 28 марта по 1 апреля 2019 в городе Екатеринбурге состоялись Кубок России и всероссийские соревнования по скоростной радиотелеграфии. В соревнованиях приняли участие 60 спортсменов из 9 регионов России.

Командные результаты в Кубке России:

  1. Свердловская область
  2. Пензенская область
  3. г. Санкт-Петербург

Командные результаты во всероссийских соревнованиях:

  1. Алтайский край
  2. Московская область
  3. Кемеровская область

Личные места:

  • Евгений Пашнин (RV9CPV) - 1. мужчин
  • Анна Садукова (RA4FVL) - 1. женщин
  • Артём Мелькин (UB3DPG) - 1. юниоров
  • Елена Малышева (R4F-73) - 1. юниорок
  • Матвей Шильчиков (R4F-55) - 1. юношей
  • Анастасия Григорьева (R9Y-011) - 1. девушек

HST Cup of Voronezh region 2019

From 23 to 24 February 2019 the Voronezh region cup of highspeed radio telegraphy was held. 42 athletes from 6 teams of the city of Voronezh and the Voronezh region took part. The athletes competed in receiving and transmitting alphabetic, digital and mixed texts, as well as in computer exercises, in which athletes had to take the maximum number of radio callsigns. Chief ot the jury was Boris Klimov UA3QD.

Team results:

  2. Team ZDOD "Constellation" (ЦДОД «Созвездие)
  3. Team Voronezh region oblast SRR (РО СРР по Воронежской области)

Category men:

  1. Alexander N. Kuskov
  2. Vladimir Vladimirov
  3. Igor Viktorovich.

Category women:

  1. Natalya Gapkina Ivanovna
  2. Maria Dmitrievna Pokatajeva;
  3. Anna Vyacheslavavna Tschekina.    

Воронеж состоялся Кубок области по радиоспорту 2019

23-24 февраля 2019 г. на базе ПОУ Воронежской ОТШ ДОСААФ России состоялся Кубок Воронежской области по радиоспорту (скоростная радиотелеграфия). Соревнования были личными с командным зачётом. В них приняло участие 42 спортсмена из шести команд города Воронежа и Воронежской области. Спортсмены соревновались в приеме и передаче буквенных, цифровых и смешанных текстов на скорость, а также в компьютерных упражнениях, при выполнении которых спортсменам необходимо было принять максимальное количество позывных.Уровень спортивной квалификации участников был следующим:мастер спорта международного класса – 1 человек;мастера спорта России – 13 человек;кандидаты в мастера спорта – 6 человек;спортсмены от первого разряда и ниже — 22 человека.

Места среди команд распределились следующим образом:

  1. команда ПОУ ВОТШ ДОСААФ России
  2. команда ЦДОД «Созвездие»
  3. команда РО СРР по Воронежской области

Среди мужчин:

  1. Кусков Александр Николаевич
  2. Владимиров Владимир Иванович
  3. Сергеев Игорь Викторович.

Среди женщин:

  1. Галкина Наталья Ивановна
  2. Покатаева Мария Дмитриевна
  3. Щекина Анна Вячеславовна.

спортивный судья Всероссийской категории

Главный судья соревнований

Б.И. Климов (UA3QD)


HST Republic Belarus junior cup 2019

From 14 to 17 February 2019 the HST "junior cup of the republic Belarus" took place in Mogilev. About 50 athlets from Minsk, Borisov, Brest, Mogilev, Svetlogorsk took part in the competitions. Six teams started for the title of the team champion. Congratulations to all winners and participants.

Category "girls under 21":

  1. Anastasia Begunova
  2. Yulia Tikhonovich
  3. Veronika Kamalova

Category "girls under 16":

  1. Nastya Karaselnikov
  2. Anna Karaselnikov
  3. Yulia Yakovchuk

Category "girls under 13":

  1. Viktorovich Yarovich
  2. Milena Samusevich
  3. Olga Cherneyko

Category "juniors under 21":

  1. Konstantin Harlan
  2. Roman Filonyuk
  3. Dmitry Guk

Category "juniors under 16":

  1. Cyril Koryagin
  2. Ivan Baranchuk
  3. Evgeny Leontyev

Category "boys under 13":

  1. Nikita Bindasov
  2. Vladislav Patrashenko
  3. Alexander Baranchuk

Overall winners:

Anastasia Begunova and Konstantin Kharlan.



С 14 по 17 февраля в Могилеве состоялись республиканские соревнования по скоростной радиотелеграфии "Кубок среди юниоров". В соревнованиях приняли участие порядка 50 спортсменов из Минска, Борисова, Бреста, Могилёва, Светлогорска. За звание команды-чемпиона боролись 6 команд.

в категории «девушки до 21»:

  1. Анастасия Бегунова (ДОСААФ, Могилёвская область);
  2. Юлия Тихонович (СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту ДОСААФ г. Минск);
  3. Вероника Камалова (Брестская область).

в категории «девушки до 16»:

  1. Настя Карасельникова (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  2. Анна Карасельникова (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  3. Юлия Яковчук (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область).

в категории «девушки до 13»:

  1. Ярович Виктория  (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  2. Милена Самусевич (СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту ДОСААФ г. Минск);
  3. Ольга Чернейко (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область).

в категории «юниоры до 21»:

  1. Константин Харлан (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область);
  2. Роман  Филонюк –  (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  3. Дмитрий Гук (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);

в категории «юниоры до 16»:

  1. Кирилл  Корягин (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область);
  2. Иван Баранчук (Брестская область);
  3. Евгений Леонтьев (ДОСААФ, Могилевская область).

в категории «юношы до 13»:

  1. Никита Биндасов (ДОСААФ, Могилевская область);
  2. Владислав Патрашенко (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);
  3. Александр Баранчук -  (ДОСААФ, Брестская область);

В абсолютном зачете победу одержала Анастасия Бегунова (ДОСААФ, Могилевская область) и Константин Харлан (ДОСААФ, Гомельская область).

Победителей и призеров соревнований наградили кубками, медалями и дипломами.

Кроме того на соревнованиях в торжественной обстановке были вручены удостоверения и знаки мастера спорта международного класса Артемию Гавриленко (Гомельская областная организационная стркуктура ДОСААФ), Роману Филонюку (Брестская областная организационная структура ДОСААФ), кандидата в мастера спорта Республики Беларусь по радиоспорту Милене Самусевич (СДЮСТШ по радиоспорту ДОСААФ Минска), Марине Лычковской и Никите Биндасову (оба - Могилевская объединенная организационная структура ДОСААФ). 



Russian HST Contest Penza 2018

30 competitors from 6 different Russian regions took part at the "Russian Highspeed Telegraphy Contest" from 27. - 30.09.2018 in Penza.

Ranking of the Russian regions:





Altai Territory



Penza Region





Winner of the individual competitions:

Elena Malysheva

Penza Region

Oleg Popov

Altai Territory

Anastasia Grigorieva

Altai Territory

Matvey Shilchikov

Penza Region

Tnx info from Союз радиолюбителей России (СРР)


Russian Highspeed Radio Telegraphie Cup 2018 in St. Petersburg

March 30 to April 3, 2018, competitions in high-speed radiotelegraphy took place in St. Petersburg. More than 80 athletes from the following nine different regions of the Russian Federation participated in the competitions: Ivanovo, Kemerovo, Leningrad, Moscow, Penza, Sverdlovsk, Altai and Krasnodar, the Republic of Mari El, the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Three participants from Germany also participated in the competitions. These were DL4UNY, DL5AXX and DL7CH.

Result of the ranking regions of Russia:

  1. Penza (5381.2 points)
  2. Sverdlovsk region (4867,0 points)
  3. St. Petersburg (4672.3 points)

In the individual ranking are the following winners:

  • Men - Eugene Pashnin (RV9CPV)
  • Women - Anna Sadukova (RA4FVL)
  • Juniors - Danil Shestakov (R9U-144)
  • Junior Women - Marina Kudanova (R4F-88)
  • Boys - Dmitry Kuznetsov (R4F-100)
  • Girl - Elizabeth Ivakhnenko (UB3DPI)


The Republic of Belarus national HST championships  "Cup of Belarus"
took place from 02. - 05. March 2018 in Minsk.
42 participants from Minsk, Borisov, Brest, Mogilev, Svetlogorsk took part in the competition. The winners represent the republic of Belarus at the
European championships in May 2018 in Bansko, Bulgaria and at the World championships in August 2018 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

  • Women first place: Hanna Shavialenko (EW8NK),  Men first place: Oleg Ostrovsky (EW8NW)

http:// http://www.radiosport.by/novosti05032018.html