Монголын Өндөр хурдны телеграф
Radio highspeed telegraphy (HST) in Mongolia
Скоростная радиотелеграфия (СРТ) в Mонголии
Morse Hochgeschwindigkeitstelegrafie in der Mongolei


A little history of highspeed telegraphy in Mongolia

Radio sport in Mongolia began in 1958 and was established by the central radio club. The main goal was to prepare the radio operators for the Mongolian army. Since that time the club introduced radio techniques, amateur radio and high speed telegraphy to the public. The first high speed telegraphy class was established by the Russian specialist Juravnitsky Kazmer Nikolaevich. The class was equipped with equipment from the Soviet Union. In 1957 for the first time in Mongolian history the  Czechoslovakian embassy’s communication operator L. Klauchik operated a radio amateur station using the callsign JT1AA. In 1958 Milada Klouckova was the first woman working from the Czechoslovakian embassy under the callsign JT1YL.

Milada Klouckova JT1YL

In 1960 the club station started operating on high frequency JT1KAA under Mr. Dambii Suren. Many radio-amateurs followed with great activities. Baatar S. JT1BG was the first Mongolian radio amateur who get the prestigous awards 5BDXCC, 5BWAS and 5BWAZ.

JT1BG Baatar S. 1980 in Ulaanbaatar

In November 1958 the first Mongolian HST team successfully participated by the invitation at an international tournament that held among socialist countries. Participants of this team were: Demberelsambuu. K, Purev. S, Yondon. D and Suren. Ch JT1AH.

In 1962 the first HST championship of Mongolia was held. Tuul. H won the gold medal and become a senior champion of Mongolia. Since then the national HST championship became a regular event in the country.

Mongolian teams @ IARU world championships:

  • 2020 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia - ..... place
  • 2019 Albena, Bulgaria - 13. place
  • 2018 Astana, Kazakhstan - 6. place
  • 2017 Esztergom, Hungary - 13. place
  • 2016 Herceg Novi, Montenegro - 10. place
  • 2012 Beatenberg, Switzerland - 8. place
  • 2011 Bielefeld, Germany - 9. place
  • 2010 Skierniewice, Poland - 10. place
Team Mongolia, World HST 2012 in Switzerland

For more information about HST and amateur-radio in Mongolia see the website of the Mongolian Radio Sports Federation (MRSF)  



HST events in Mongolia

The MRSF sponsors and organizes four HST events annually; Ulaanbaatar and Mongolian HST championships, international women’s day HST event and young telegraphist event for beginners.