Balkan High Speed Telegraphy Championships

Balkan Meisterschaften der Morsetelegrafie

Чемпионат Балканы по скоростной радио-телеграфии (срт)

About Balkan HST championships:

The Balkan championships of High Speed Telegraphy (HST) are hold since 2013 to promote this sport in the Balkan countries. It is an open championship, which means that competitors from non-Balkan countries can participate also. A separate classification will be provided. The rules will maybe changed in 2019. Stay tuned, informations wil be written on this side as soon they are published.


Host cities of the Balkan HST championships:


  • 2020 - cancelled
  • 2019 - Bucharest, Romania
  • 2018 - Bansko, Bulgaria
  • 2017 - Dojran, Macedonia
  • 2016 - Orgeev, Moldova
  • 2015 - Svilajnac, Serbia
  • 2014 - Piatra Neamt, Romania
  • 2013 - Lovech, Bulgaria


8. Balkan HST Championships in Elbasan, Albania,

8. - 12. May 2020

For more information about this event see http://highspeedtelegraphy.com/albania2020    

Info-Bulletin #1 is published on 26.01.2020


The 13th Europe´s HST cup and 8th Balkan HST championships will be held for the first time in Albania. The event will take place from 8. - 12. May 2020 in the Hotel Imperial in Elbasan, Albania.

The city of Elbasan is situated in the central part of Albania, about 60 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea. It is well-known for it's long history, the spring festival 'Dita e Verës' on March 14th every year and the traditional cookies 'Ballokumja'.

7. Balkan HST championship 2019

The 2019 Balkan championship and Europe´s cup was held from 1st to 5th May 2019 in Bucharest, Romania.

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Website:     http://hamyo.ro/hst2019/