13. Europe´s HST cup

8th Balkan HST championships

Elbasan, Republic of Albania 2020

The 13th Europe´s HST cup and 8th Balkan HST championships will be held for the first time in Albania. The event will take place from 8. - 12. May 2020 in the Hotel Imperial in Elbasan, Albania. More informations will follow soon.

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Televizioni Skampa from Albania informed on their TV channel about the first ever international HST competition taking place in Albania. An interesting interview with Fatos Demeti (ZA1F), general-secretary of the Albanian Radio Amateurism Federation (ARF). The Europe HST Cup / Balkan HST championships will be held from 8. - 12. May 2020 in of Elbasan. The city of Elbasan is situated in the central part of Albania, about 60 kilometers from the Adriatic Sea. It is well-known for it's long history, the spring festival 'Dita e Verës' on March 14th every year and the traditional cookies 'Ballokumja'.

Drini Dervishi, ZA1DD, member of HST team Albania on the TV show "Mirëmëngjes Elbaans"

"Mirëmëngjes Elbaans" means "Good Morning Elbasan" and is a tv program from Monday through Friday from 7:30 - 9:00 on Tv Skampa, Alsion Radio, as well as on the portal www.elbasaninews.al by moderator Lenc Pisha.
It is an info format with a variety of topics, such as weather forecast, daily press, news from the world of show business, culture, sports, curiosities and studio invitees to talk about different topics.

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